Better z77 mobo?

what is the better motherboard the gigabyte 77x-ud5h or the msi z77a-gd65. i am a first time builder so i need very good value, ease of use, and good durability
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  1. They are just $5 difference. I say get the gigabyte one. Its good for overclocking.
  2. MSI sux go with the gigabyte , beside the gigbyte one realy is better
  3. i heard that gigabyte doesnt do very well with customer service. is the uefi bios from gigabyte better than the msi?
  4. Gigabyte is always better. I never got a problem with their board and their customer is good. They response asap. Though i never need a replacement.

    Dont worry about their service. I hope you dont need them after purchase.
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