I7 2600k Tempature 47c

My computer at load 1% to 10% percent is temperatures 46c to 48c is that normal for a stock fan? i hear people idle at 35c
ive adjusted the fan to the board as tight as i can about a million times already and used arctic silver thermal paste and got the board and cpu replaced once because i throught there was something wrong

at a good amount of load ive never seen it reach more than 76c idk if thats ok for a stock fan? my case also has a fan blowing on the cpu.
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  1. Make sure that the heatsink/fan is properly clamped onto the board, like no gaps at all. Make sure you hear the clicking sound when you clamp all 4 corners.

    Also, I know it sounds silly, but be sure that you plugged in the CPU fan pin and that its currently working.

    I recall I forgot to plug it in at one stage for a client/the system ran perfectly fine for about 7 months, but started hiccuping after multiple hours of HD video playback - plugging that baby in did the trick
  2. Trust me its clamped as best as it can to the board. Yea i did make the mistake of plugin the cpu fan in the wrong pin a couple times lol. yea everything is tight and correct and the bios shows the cpu is on the right pin also. luckly my computer doesnt hiccup or anything just it worries me
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    Cocopuff2u, One trick that I have learned the hard way with the stock coolers like those that come with the Intel® Core™ I7-2600K is that they are very hard to get connected correctly. Here is my advice, take the motherboard out of the case (leave the HSF on) and look on the backside where the cooler goes through and locks in place. Most likely you are going to see that at least 1 of the clips isn’t all the way through and locked in place. I use about 5 sheets of cardboard taped together to as a build surface. I can push on it without having to worry about damaging the board.

    Download and run HWMonitor and this will help make sure that it isnt a reporting issue.

    If this doesn’t fix the problem you can give our technical support a call at 916-377-7000.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  4. ill take another look in a little while when the computer is cool before i work on it, ive broken 2 stock fans because there so hard to get in and they bend so easily. but i swear i saw them clipped in all the way. If not ill buy an aftermarket fan.

    btw i love intel with a passion and you guys make some AMAZING STUFF.
  5. That's pretty normal, maybe a bit on the high side. Depends on what the load is at 76C, Prime?
  6. Be sure your case has good airflow too - it can help lovering your temp :)
  7. Your temperatures are nothing to worry about, even if they could be lower, there isn't much of a need. The big question is the load temp, which you should keep below 70. That said an aftermarket cooler is not expensive, and certainly a good investment.
  8. so finally i decided to upgrade my CPU fan to a decent 25 dollar fan on tiger direct and the computer runs around 34c on idle and runs cooler on different loads. thanks so much guys and i come to find out that both my i7 stock CPU fans were defective (sent them in after i got my new fan) glad i upgraded the computer runs a little better now. thanks guys
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