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I have samsung B2230 syncMaster monitor and amd athollon 630 X4 based cpu. also i have installed ati HD4670 1 gig graphic card . Now i can play all games with good fraps. But to get good results I mostly play games like crysis2 with lower resolution.but my monitor has Auto and Wide option for display. With wide mode any resolution game can be played on full screen(1920X1080) . So my question is if I can play lower resolution on full screen then why should one buy expensive GPU for full screen HD resuls.
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  1. since playing the game with native resolution will looks better than using lower resolution that monitor can support
  2. Because lower resolution looks quite a bit worse than native.
  3. By lower resolutions i mean reasonable resolution not really low like 800X600 . I mostly play games bit lower than optimal resolution. Most common resolution which i prefer is 1280X800 . At this resolution I can easily get good frames per second rate(25-35).
  4. my monitor native resolution are 1600x900. sure i can play my game at 1280x800 but to me lowering the resolution from the native resolution will make the game look less sharp and personally i don't like it. if that does not matter to you then you can go for it. in the end it depends on your preference either you like it or not
  5. First, 25-35 is OK, but certainly not optimal. Second, 1280x800 does indeed look a LOT worse than 2560x1600 (the resolution I usually play at). For that matter, so does 1920x1080. It's possible that you just aren't very picky about image quality, but it's quite a noticeable difference to me.
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