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Hello, i wanted to know what is the basic difference between a professional quadro and Geforce Gtx card series. they both have Cuda Cores and both same memory bandwith. so what is that makes them really diffrent and why ? does a professional graphics card can play incoming games like crysis 2 or Gears of War 3 much better then consumer cards or i want an investigation or a review by the members of the panel of Toms Hardware laboratory
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  1. lol. you don't you professional card like quadro to play games even if the card have very nice spec such as 6GB of RAM. in fact the performance might be worse in games since the driver are not optimized for games. btw isn't that gear of war 3 is 360 exclusive title?
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    QUADRO cards may have great vRAM but are a waste for playing games due to their drivers which are optimised for photo editing and workstations.
  3. Professional cards can be used to design games, but not play them.

    A decent of the price behind a high end professional card is for driver support in graphic design applications. If you have an issue you speak to a person who will help you resolve your issue and that can include providing you with a "tweaked" driver to resolve the issue with whatever graphics program you are using.

    If you call an complain about how poorly they run games, then they will likely tell you to buy a gaming card and hang up on you.
  4. thanks for the insight so if i want to buy a card which provides best of the both worlds what should you recommend. does card with a maximum vram or a card with a powerful cuda based architechture support plus direct x11 and 12 support open gl 4.1 support pixel shader 5. i want to run both 3d based application and photoshop suite. plus play games like crysis 2 on desktop. wheather an nvidia or a ati radeon is good for it.
  5. just get normal consumer card if you want it cheap. if you're using program that use CUDA specifically go for nvidia card. but if this card is for your work station at work then you might want to get quadro or ati fire pro instead
  6. i have a budget to buy medium level budget card suggest some card which supports all the current and incomming formats with maximum vram
  7. well anybody has an idea i am open for suggestion
  8. Buy 6850 or 6870 or GTX 460.
    Others are way overpriced in India.
  9. Difference is in the drivers.
  10. double post.
  11. Quote:
    Gaming cards and workstation cards are very similar, but the differences are major. Consumer cards are built for speed at the cost of accuracy, gaming renders need to be fast…not perfect.

    Workstation cards are the opposite, they need to be perfectly accurate at all times, speeds good but not priority, major differences in the cards are ECC ram (expensive, but a lost bit could be catastrophic) and very robust and detailed driver support…the drivers are really where the bulk of the expense comes from and , they have to work and have to work well, we gripe and moan about bugs in our games…when the card is holding you back from your livelihood….

    It cost money to make money and or move things forward to a large degree, great designs aren’t doodled out on a napkin in a country diner anymore.

    Similar to other class of products on the market, i.e consumer vs pro cameras:

    There are many products out that scale the same way, look at cameras, a $200 point and shoot for the trip to disney world or the $5000+++ used to shoot what we see in magazines and such, a nice solid sub $500 Asian import guitar vs a $3K+ made in the USA model, the latter has better quality components and much more time and care in construction.

    Back to the cards a lot of pro level applications will work to a degree on consumer cards (with some hacking and preening), but thats more like an artists sketch pad….good for practice and education, or proof of concept work but nothing mission critical…for most pro applications key features are disabled and their is no formal support unless a proper card is being used.”

    “Workstation card core chips are mostly identical to the consumer grade stuff (except for the memory controller), but everything around it is usually made of much higher quality components. The heatsinks and fans are made of better materials etc. etc.”

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