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After about 3 years of saving and researching I finally had saved enough to build me my dream machine. I wouold say my tech level is medium average. I managed to get it all put together and started on the first try. So, my question is, I have my two Ocz Vertex 4's plugged into the intel controlled 6g connectors and am wanting to use my two WD 600GB Vraptors on the Marvell 6b connectors. Only problem is they show up in BIOS and post and even in Win 7 devices. However they will not show up in the my computer screen nor can I save any data to them. Im not sure its its a driver problem or am I simply missing a setting in windows 7?

Im pretty sure the Asus P9X79WS board uses the Marvell 9128. Also since doing some reading It seem the Marvell controller is a little finicky.

Any help would be great.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Update your bios

    So you got your intels plugged into the White sata ports and the WD HDD in the grey 6Gb ports. Install the Marvell drivers, right click on "computer" and then click on manage, then click on disk managment on the left side see if you disk appear there.
  2. thank you ill give it a try.

  3. got it working. thanks for the help.
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