Msi z77a-gd65 loop reboot

Hi everyone,

i currently purchase a msiz77a-gd65 and update to the last bios 10.5 and everythings works fine about 4 days. one day i turn on the computer and he was always doing a loop reboot without input signal to monitor. i´ve tried many things but insucessful like turn off the battery and put the jumper to clear cmos; press the button in back panel to clear CMOS; switch multi bios A-B; i tried to move ram sticks position; remove cpu and memory etc...

I dont know what to do more. I think the motherboard was gone.

give your feedbak please.
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  1. i forget to mentioned the 55 error in the motherboard display.
  2. acedudemen said:
    i forget to mentioned the 55 error in the motherboard display.

    Hello I had the same problem. Error 55 and a boot loop. I could not solve the Problem, so I send the Mainboard back and hope to get a new one.
    My system was running for one day, and then stoped working. First the Error was FF and it never reached BIOS start. Than it changed to Error 55 after I disconnected everything exept for CPU, CPU-Cooler and RAM (I tryed every DIMM Port), but the problem was still there.
    Some Professionals in different forums wrote me, I should give the Mainboard back.
    I hope, this solves the Problem.
    Good luck for you.
    Stefan (
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