Asus LED TN or Dell Ultra Sharp Display?

Now that my home office is finally complete, I'm removing my PC from the TV and now I need a good monitor. I've read plenty of reviews but can't decide if I want the inexpensive, high efficient, low response-time, TN display (ASUS VH238H ) or a more high quality, color accurate Dell Ultrasharp IPS display (Dell U2311H ) I can get some discounts and get the Dell for about $80 more than the Asus...

Honestly, most of the work I will do on the computer will be multimedia, photo album sorting, maybe some photoshop, and a few games. I'm not a heavy PC gamer so I'm thinking the IPS display would work for me with its 8ms response, but I'm disappointed there aren't more options for LED backlighting and IPS display. They're out there, but not impressed with any of them...

Thoughts? Also, if I plan to run dual monitor at some point, is Displayport any better than DVI-D?? I have an ATI 5850.
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  1. I'd get the Dell. Also, keep in mind that LED doesn't necessarily mean better image quality. Most of the IPS displays have stayed with CCFL because it's actually better than most of the LED screens for backlight quality.
  2. Thanks for the input... I realize that LED doesn't necessarily mean better image. I'm mostly interested in the LED backlighting for the power savings and heat. I know the bluish hue of the LED backlighting is something to overcome for perfect color.

    Not all reviews of the Dell Ultrasharp or outstanding compared to its 24" big brother, but I don't think I want to go to 1920x1200.
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