Can system fan speed be controled gigabyte mobo

I have a gigabyte ga-p55m-ud2, I have installed watercooling with 2 rad fans, one fan is connected to the cpu fan header on the mobo, this fan runs at 1350 rpm, the 2 rad fan is connected to a system fan header on the mobo and runs at 800 rpm, both fans are the same make and type, I swopped the fans round and the result was the same so it seems the fan plugged into the system fan header runs slower, can I do anything to icrease the fans speed?
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  1. Yes, your mobo can. Check in pc health status section in bios.

    But is automatic due to system temp. If temp is increase then its rpm will increase as well. Just leave it. Always at high speed is a risk to reduce of fan lifetime.
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