How much power does an integrated GPU use?

I recently bought a computer with an integrated graphics card thinking I would upgrade it later. However the power supply it came with is only 220w and a very specific shape (never seen it before) so Im not sure I can upgrade the PSU (case is unforgiving).

Im wondering though, how much power does the onboard nvidia 9200 use? if I can turn that off will there be enough power left over from it to run a HD5570? or does it not work like that?

PS. Here is a pic of my case so you can see what I mean about the PSU:
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  1. Maybe about that of a 9w light bulb, IGPs don't use much at all typically. Well closer to 5w depending on the clocks.

    You can get a 5450 in there and run just fine.
  2. Im looking to do a but of gaming though, mid/high settings on 1280*1024 would be what Im after.
  3. Do you think I could run a HD5570? I've looked around and I see that it uses around 40w.
  4. I'm guessing you can install a HD 5570 which only uses 19w of power in typically gaming conditions and about 28w - 30w when benchmarking it with FurMark.

    However, 220w is pretty damn weak for a PSU.
  5. "that looks a lot like an emachine slim line PC, is it?"

    Its an Acer Ax3400
  6. yeah im looking into upgradding my graphics card for the ax3400-u2012 amd athlonII x3 435 processor.
    the psu is weak (220 wats)

    i was also thinking about the radeon 5570 low profile with runs in at 42.7W. Idle power also drops by nearly 33%, for 9.7W.

    can this card work? or do i have to upgrade the psu . and if so demensions are a problem
  7. Yes physical dimensions are a problem, your options are limited on both fronts. One your psu isn't going to be easily replaced as the vast majority are meant for larger systems and second the card has to be low profile unless you know how to work it metal for a funky case mod.
  8. ct1615 said:
    makes sense, acer owns emachines. at least they don't use the crappy bestec PSU in emachine PCs.

    Amen brother - i had a Bestec 250 in my compaq and it wouldn't run a 4350. I upgraded to a coolermaster 400 and am now running a 5570.
  9. I have a Bestec 300W PSU in an HP OEM running s HD5450, I wouldn't dare risk to put anything more powerful in and I'd suggest given your PSU you stick to a HD5450.

    It won't give you the best performance because it is a media card and not a gaming card but....

    I'm running WoW Cata (an older game) on 'Fair' settings and farily high res (12xx x 1xxx) and still able to cap out at 60fps in most areas (refresh rate caps it at 60) and it dips to 30-50 whilst raiding or in busy areas.

    On another PC I own I'm runnning a 9600GT with the settings set to high with alot higher res and I see a similar performance in fps.

    Your call though, you risk killing your whole system.
  10. Also on another note the HD5450 will blow the 9200 out of the water, you will see massive perfomance increases.

    And make sure you buy a DDR3 (not DDR 2 model) with 512MB (not 1GB its a waste).
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