Need dvd-rom.. New PC

I just bought all these components.. I need a new dvd-rom

CPU : i5 2500k
GPU : 6950
PSU : tx v2 850w
Case : Corsair Carbide Series 500R
RAM : corsair vengeance
Motherboard : Z68 Extreme4 gen3
cpu cooler : antec kühler h2o 620

All i need is a dvd-driver to install windows :)... anyone know any decent/cheap dvd spinners? :)

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  1. i never install a dvd drive in my just waste of space, i have a external dvd-rom usb
    plugged, so instead i can hook up another fan in the front ,so airflow will be better,i suggest u do the same,u will like it more, its neater and more efficient .Everything else can be downloaded form net u dont need a dvd rom.
  2. Ive use Liteon, LG, Samsung,.... all the crappy ones have pretty much weeded themselves out (on newegg at least) Pick one you like.
    The one I like the best is my liteon that supports dvd-ram. Sweet media idea, too bad disks are so expensive.
  3. thanks for your input guys.. I went with LiteOn IHAS122-18 22x Internal SATA DVD-RW BLK OEM :).. I might just drop it somewhere uptop.. I believe 500r case has enough airflow
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