Can i bring my motherboard in to get fixed

Hello, my motherboard is broken. I checked everything already. I replaced motherboard with old one and it works just fine. Its an MSi z77g45. It must have short circuited or something. I bought it from frys about a month ago. The 15 day return period is over already. Can i bring my mobo to get fixed somewhere. Or replaced because i live in an apartment where they dont take packages. I have a 3 year warranty, but because of shipping issues what should i do?
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  1. get it RMA'd from the manufacturer.. and just get it shipped to someones adress you trust..
  2. The only place that can fix it is MSI. Best thing to do is talk to them, and see what they can do.
  3. if you forget a standoff you can short the mb out where it wont post. most tech will tell you to take it out of the case and use one dimm and the power supply and see if it posts. with the newer mb the z77 are you using a sandy bridge chip or an ivy bridge chip..those are the only two that will work. before you do an rma if you can post up more info on what the pc does or does not do and your parts we may be able to see if it the motherboard or a dead part. if you have to rma the motherboard the cheapest and safe way would be to use a mail center like malboxes ect. they hold your mail till you can pick it up. some mail centers have coupons for free month of service.
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