Yet another $600 Budget Gaming Rig

Approximate Purchase Date: Within 2 weeks :D

Budget Range: $600 after MIR, tax and shipping but somewhat flexible for the right parts.

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming & Surfing.

Parts Not Required: Speakers, OS, Monitor,mouse, keyboard.

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Amazon, Tiger Direct, Newegg (charges Tax in my state but I can pickup from their warehouse)

Country of Origin: United States

Parts Preferences: None

Overclocking: Not likely.

SLI or Crossfire: Maybe

Monitor Resolution: 1440x900, Similar to 1280x1024.

Additional Comments:
I will only be gaming on a single monitor for at least another year or two.

This computer will need to last me at least 2-3 years.

A quiet PC would be nice.

I want to run BF3 and Modern Warfare 3 when they come out in November with at least 45FPS.

My main concerns are the motherboard. Is it a good choice?

Need advice on choosing GPU. Debating between Radeon 6850 and 6870? Is the extra $23 worth it for a 6870? I mainly play shooters (COD, BC2)

I'm debating whether I should choose a cheaper GPU and case to get an i5-2300 instead of an i3-2100... An i5 will cost me an additional $54.37.

Parts I already have (all prices include tax):

G.Skill DDR3 8GB (2x4GB) 1666 Memory

Corsair CX500W PSU

Both have already been counted in the budget. So I have $530 remaining.

Parts I have chosen (after tax and rebates):

Intel Core i3-2100 3.10 GHz Dual Core Processor
$108.74 from local Micro Center

XFX Radeon HD 6870

MSI P67A-G43 B3
$112.18 AR from local Fry's

Cooler Master Elite 430

Optical Drive
ASUS 24X DVD Burner


Thanks :)
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  1. At that resolution you will be seeing pretty good frame rates even on a older Radeon 5770. so no doubt the 6850-6870 is good
    Below is a chart. Straight from TomHardware benchmarks itself showing the difference in FPS at 1650x1050

    Since you play Shooters i chose this one. Bfbc2 gets very respectable framerates with highest settings Including 8xMSAA and 16x AF
    Now the radeon 6870 gets 8 fps on average more than the 6850

    I wouldpay the extra 23$ for the extra performance. The more Fps the better

    AS for your cpu the quad core will if you have the money be a better choice and be much more future proof then the dual core.
    They both would last. But 2-3 years from now im sure many games would be utilizing more then just 2 cores. and with 4 cores you won't need to worry about your bottleneck as much. Also the intel i-5 has 6mb l3 cache while the i3 has 3mb l3 cache. So double the cache and cores = Greater speed, power, fps

    And the one you looked at was the Intel i-5 2300 2.8ghz

    ADD just 5 more dollars and get the

    Intel i-5 2400 which is 3.1ghz stock .3ghz faster for 5 dollars. not to bad and you don't need overclocking.
  2. Yeah I meant the i5-2400, not the 2300.

    how bout the motherboard? thinking of maybe getting this one instead so I can afford an i5
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