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Hello, I have an am3+ motherboard(ASUS M5A97) and a phenom II 955. I would like to oc it to around 3.8ghz, but in order to do that I need a good cpu cooler. I have picked 3 that I like, but I do not know which one is best.

I have an old raidmax smilidon ATX-612WBP, which is similar to the newer models, except that its rear exhaust fan is only 80mm as opposed to 120mm. Also, how long will these coolers last? will they fit future socket types? Do I have a case with enough ventilation to allow me to reach my overclocking goal?

Let me know what you think of my selection, and feel free to recommend others.

Thanks a bunch!
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  1. Its hard to beat the hyper 212+ for the price.
  2. Definitely get the Hyper 212
  3. 80mm fans are faster and noisier...

    212+ will do fine
  4. This one's also nice. Not sure how the sound compares.
  5. All of the CPU coolers that you listed should meet your needs. The link belows shows you how some of them perform. Read the full review for those that you are interested in so you know the pluses and minuses. These CPU coolers should be good for 2-5 years depending on what AMD does with Bulldozer.
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