Need your opinion on this computer

i am about to buy my 2. pc and need you to tell me your opinion on it, and pros and cons.
So here it is:
600W CoolerMaster Silent Pro
Super Talent DDR3-1333 8GB,
intel core i7 2600k,
Seagate ST2000DL003 2T
MSI ATI Radeon HD6950 Twin Frozr II OC 2GB or should i get MSI nVidia GeForce GTX570 ?
Asus P8P67-M PRO
CoolerMaster HAF 912 Plus

So tell me what you think?Pros and cons?
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  1. Make sure you pick up a B3 version of the motherboard to resolve the Sandybridge SATA2 connector issue.

    I'd go for the 6950 personally; I like HIS versions of ATI cards. The GPU charts will help you understand the performance difference. You'll just need to decide how much you want to spend.

    Think everything else will be fine. That's a very good PSU but if you were considering crossfiring or using SLI in the future it may be a little underpowered.
  2. If you're gaming, the 2500K would be plenty. Use the money for a better GPU (like a 6950 1GB crossfire)

    Other than that, perhaps a better PSU from Seasonic, Corsair, Antec*
  3. I will agree with the Timop on the CPU, but you should look at the GTX 480 as well:
    This card is the equal to the GTX 570 and had greater bandwidth and more memory.

    The 6950 is less expensive and may be a better value than the Nvidia alternatives, but your GPU choice may have other considerations. In some games the AMD is better in others the Nvidia is superior.

    If you might ever consider Xfire/SLI a more powerful PSU is a must. Go with a quality PSU (as Timop suggests)-- you won't regret it.
  4. Sorry guys I have two Coolermaster PSUs from their Silent Pro range and they are both top notch so I have no idea why you'd suggest another manufacturer here.
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