Looing to buy a new gaming keyboard, requesting advice

Hi, I am considering buying a new gaming keyboard, I am looking for one that will last me a while, and is comfortable to use (since I write a lot/work from home+ game)

I am considering the following:
- Logitech G19
- Logitech G110
- Logitech G510

I am leaning towards the G19...but read some bad reviews about it on Amazon , pertaining to its keys...they are domed....not machined....

would appreciate any and all thoughts and advice on any of the ones listed above, and any other suggestions.

Thank You.
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  1. Quite frankly those are all terrible, and far overpriced.

    Here is something to read that will tell you why that is and show you alternatives that are actually worth something.


    Also, for the record, the mechanical keyboard review that just got posted on the front page is pretty bad. They have multiple xarmor boards in it and say that they are good. I would say to stay away from those.
  2. ^ thx for the link....looks like its got tons of info....so which keyboard would you recommend? what brand? model?

    lol to be frank i am still using an old sony vaio keyboard from 2001...and it works great :) ...some keys are actualy worn out on their edges....but all the letters are still very clearly visible lol.....it just feels so so old that's why I was thinking about upgrading...
  3. Well if it's also a rubber dome then yeah I'd upgrade anyway.

    Now, here's the important part: unfortunately what will be the best mech keyboard for you varies from person to person and is mostly user preference.

    For example, I prefer the ones with an audible click when you press a key. So the first thing to do would be to look at the switch matrix on that page. Ask yourself if you want more quiet or more loud, and then less or more force. I'd say most people can guess that much themselves which narrows stuff tremendously and then pick from there.

    As far as guessing the force goes, I'd say ask yourself if you typically tire of typing easily, etc. I personally haven't used a board that I consider to be too heavy.

    Then you look at price range, features like backlighting and NKRO (ability to press all keys on the keyboard at once) and so on.
  4. thx for the info....well the current one has plastic keys (still in a way still looks like new...no scratches...no "wiped out" keys;)

    ill definitively check out that site in detail....as to the price...to be frank...I was about to spend that $150 / $160 on a new kbord...so price is the least of my concern...as long I have a product that works well for a long time...and looks decent....
  5. Ok. Then go ahead and do that. In that price range pretty much everything is an option.
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