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emachine w5243 mcp61sm-gm nvidia gforce 6100 nforce 405 and want upgrade grapics card it has 3 differnt types of pci slots. so what card will fit in this computer for around $80 id like to stay with nvidia if possiable
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  1. Well with an athlon 64 processor, a 250w power supply, and an x8 PCIe slot you are very limited. That thing can barely run facebook, I don't know what games you are hoping to play but anything more than about an 8800gt would get bottlenecked by the cpu. The 8800gt would require you to upgrade the power supply. an 8600 would work as is doesn't need external power but may be too long to fit in your case. There are also a few green models of the 9800gt that do not need external power if you can find one.

    A radeon 6570/6670 also would not need external power, not sure if they would fit, you'll have to measure how long a card would fit.

    Edit - also verify with the manufacturer of the card if it will work with on a pcie version 1 slot. most cards will but some wont.
  2. i updated the processor to an amd athlon X2 6000+ 3.1 cant rember part # but back when it was $70 from geeks .com drop right in even with out bios flash and i think it has a 300w power supply but the size of the GPU i think going to be a problem cause i have a nvidia tnt2 32mb from the 1900's and it wont fit i tried for S**TS and gigles
  3. was the card too tall or too long?
  4. the old card was to long
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