New (used) Desktop NO boot ! Asus P6TD-Deluxe i7-920

Hi everyone. i got a new used desktop for a great deal. Here are the specs:

Asus P6TD-Deluxe Mobo
Corsair sata 3 120gb SSD (assuming was the boot drive)
1.5 TB WD 7200 rpm HDD
AMD 6970 2GB GPU
BFG 900 Watt PSU
mushkin 12 GB DDRx 1600 cool looking black heatsink ram

About me briefly ive built 2 computers myself but my knowledge and problem solving ability may be limited.

My current desktop still runs (e6750 c2d, gtx 470,xp, dual raptors) So Ive been trying to use it to help diagnose.

PROBLEM : No Boot. Monitor stays in stand by and says No signal input. All fans on and turning incl mobo and gpu. i do NOT know if the drives are formatted etc although it was advertised as w7 ultimate.

here is a list of My observations and what i have done to try and solve the non boot issue.

1. Tried all display outputs (both hdmi and mini display port and both Dvi .
2. tried connecting boot drive from old computer to sata port 1 and booting. nothing on screen.
3. Installed 6970 into old computer and I get boot up stuff and blue screen Im guessing from driver issues but I believe i can rule GPU out as there is stuff showing now.

My questions for you guys are what steps would you take first? I was thinking to try another pci slot first.. then the boot drive and gtx470 from my current system onto the new mobo.

I will be trying a fresh install of w7 on the ssd. Is there a sata slot that the primary drive should be connected to? Ill bd d/l'ing the manual on the p6t too.

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  1. Are you getting a pattern of beeps from the internal speaker when you start the PC?

    It really shouldn't matter which PCIe slot you use for the video card, though the one closest to the CPU is preferable.
  2. I would say pull the RAM from the board and power it up. This is inline with what ubercake said. You should hear beeps from the board.

    Also, have you opened the computer to check all the cable connections?
  3. thanks for the fast replies ! No beeps whatsoever from the board. My current system does beep and right after that the lcd will display some stuff where it says press f2 for boot options etc then starts to boot.

    the system in question lights up when i push the botton and all fans whir incl cpu and gpu but no beeps.
  4. Not really relevant but heres my cirrent cpu that has been running perfect for several years.

    here is the desktop in question powered on. My old mobo has a n lcd error display i wish this one did.

    Ive never had issues with my pcs ive usually spent tons of time during assembly triple checking etc and theyve always booted up so this has kin dof got me stumped at where to begin or diagnose before dissassembling the entire thing.

    what will pulling the memory do?
  5. 5abivt said:
    Not really relevant but heres my cirrent cpu that has been running perfect for several years.

    what will pulling the memory do?

    okay. i am not sure if some motherboards come with a build-in speaker, some manufacturers supply a speaker along with pc chassis. check your current working setup for that particular speaker and place it in the rig in question. if not, buy or borrow a motherboard speaker.

    connect it to the troublesome system. this might explain the no beep issue you are having.

    pulling memory will supply you with the beep sode errors. the sequences and beep lengths each indicate certain errors. but first you're gonna need that motherboard speaker connected just in case it does not have a built-in speaker.
  6. Will check the manual online etc for the speaker location and check it when I get home.
  7. 5abivt said:
    thanks for the fast replies ! No beeps whatsoever from the board. My current system does beep and right after that the lcd will display some stuff where it says press f2 for boot options etc then starts to boot.

    the system in question lights up when i push the botton and all fans whir incl cpu and gpu but no beeps.

    I'm assuming an internal speaker is connected? It connects near where the case connections such as power sw and power led connect to the motherboard. A single short beep is normal.
  8. Pulling the memory will force error code beeps.

    A speaker will need to be attached to the motherboard, according to manual (

    Page 65 provides the info needed to hook up a speaker.
  9. i would assume that it is connected. i will be checking this evening when i get home from work. When I hit the power button the several timesi tried a few different changes there is No beep whatsoever. Just fna whirring and nothing on the lcd.
  10. hope its not a silly question but do some builders choose not to put a speaker on? are the available at say tigerdirect?
  11. no such thing as silly questions... only silly people asking questions XD by which i mean that its silly not to ask. how else would you learn/know then. tiger should have them. also your local pc shop / pc repair shop.
  12. 5abivt said:
    hope its not a silly question but do some builders choose not to put a speaker on? are the available at say tigerdirect?

    It's entirely possible that someone would leave it off when building the PC.
  13. Cool thanks guys. Il lpick one up just in case its missing on the way home. With 2 little ones once I get home I know I wont make it out before stores close lol ! I will post up what I find with the speaker and pulling the memory etc as soon as I can.
  14. Just keep in mind that if there are error beeps before pulling the memory those are the beeps to focus on. Pulling the memory is a way to force error beeps from the motherboard if there are none. Pulling the memory also serves a dual purpose to test and verify the motherboard is working.

    In the past when I have had those kinds of issues with a rig I begin by pulling the PSU connections to the motherboard(also turning off the PSU) and pulling the motherboard battery. Then I would use a screwdriver to short the + and - for the battery connection together. It works as a reset for the motherboard. I'd leave it shorted together for about 15 seconds. After that I'd hook everything back up and give it a try. I found that method useful if I screwed up settings for the motherboard and ended up with an unresponsive computer. Most importantly it would also verify that it was not settings that were screwing with the computer.

    If the (very) hard reset didn't work I would start pulling stuff. Video card swap first then memory pulls. Then try power and listen for error beeps. If there were beeps I would add one stick at a time, testing between adding each stick.. in some cases testing each memory slot separately.

    If testing memory resulted in nothing I would pull the CPU, verify thermal paste, then re-seat.

    I hope throwing a speaker into the system identifies the issue before going through the pain of troubleshooting components.
  15. Ok I finally got a quick chance to try a few things .

    1. Can see the speaker and the connection with spkr labelled.

    2. First thing I did was pull out the memory sticks. Pretty things

    3. On boot with no memory I got beeps. I made a YouTube video so you guys cloud hear it. If I had to describe it.. One medium length beep followed by 2 short beeps.

    4. So speaker works although not sure if that completely rules out a faulty mobo.

    5. I tried installing the 6970 into the second Lower pci ex but start her up and no change.

    6.last I tried to boot with the boot raptor drive with the gtx470 inside but still no issue.
  16. Does the board produce any beeps when there is memory in the board? Your board is making the right error beeps. That doesn't rule out the possibility for a bad stick of RAM, test the board with only one stick of RAM.. do it for all three.

    If the board only makes one beep with the memory in it then I would turn my attention to making sure that the PSU doesn't have a fault. Easiest way to do that is with a power supply tester but I hate spending money.. so.. pull the PSU from your old rig and connect it to the new rig. Only connect the motherboard and video card connections(nothing more). because you will only have 4 connections, from PSU to rig, its ok to leave the PSU dangling from the side of the rig.

    Doing that will test to see if its a PSU issue. If you get video then you know the PSU in the new rig is best to scrap.

    I'm going to be honest. If that doesn't work then I would pull the motherboard from the rig, then hook it up and see what happens.
  17. Board makes no beep at all with all 3 sticks in. I will try each one turn by turn and see what happens.

    I did notice the gpu specific connectors (8 pin and 6+2 pin are still tied unused. Previous builder used a dual 4 to an 8 connector to plug into the 6970. I'll try using the dedicated cables to see if possibly its not getting h the juice.

    If all fails I will try dissassemblinh everything an starting with the gpu on the mobo only like you said. Will keep thread updated thanks all!!
  18. I'm still curious about the ssd/hdd. If no drives are present there should still be something on the display correct ? Like to get into bios? Just thought it was worth a mention that I'm unsure if there is any os on either drives at the moment.
  19. Yes. You can still get into the BIOS with no disk attached.
  20. You will see BIOS, eventually it will stop at a blinking underscore _ <---- that thing

    Using dedicated cable is the route I would have chosen.

    Before diving deep into testing memory and the PSU from your old rig go the cable route like you mentioned.
  21. ok good to know. Right now there is absolutely no signal on the lcd. i do recall when i assembled the last desktop the psu manual talked about specific cables reccomended for the gpu etc.

    im wondering, and i hope this doesnt sound dumb... without having to swap entire psu's from cases and rerouting wires .. can i remove the gpu from my existing rig.. and run the dedicated gpu cables across to the gpu in the newer machine? Basically running 2 rigs side by side but using one psu to power the other rigs gpu.

    Also can a PSU be bad and still power up like this?
  22. I wouldn't do the cable run to the video card, just sounds like a short, or bad ju-ju waiting to happen.

    A PSU can be bad but still power up. One of the voltages it supplies could fall under what is needed to power a power hungry device, but the PSU could be fine for powering up lower powered devices. That said there is a catch, it usually has to do with using molex adapter to power a GPU.

    Go with your idea of using the provided power runs for the video card, instead of the adapter. If that doesn't work then its time to pull a PSU and test with that method.
  23. Hi everyone!! Great news I got boot! Thanks To everyone for their input. I'll go over what I found and I still have a question to ask :)

    So I emailed the original builder after I dug up his contact info and sure enough this was his last reply...

    if you bought it from me I would know what the problem is...Anyways..No display secret is ..I would check on the Ram...Yeah Ram..Not Video Card...I would take out all the ram..and Install one..Wait for post..if not, then install a different Ram...There are 6 slots...I would try it on the 2slot not the, install the one ram on the second slot ..

    So.. I removed all the ram and used 1 ram stick in the second slot (first orange slot) and lo and behold I got a beep and onscreen !!!!!!

    Useless 20 second video . I just put it up since I did record the first boot lol

    So now that I'm in the bios I'll be using the w7 cd and doing a format and fresh install and then drivers etc.

    My question is about the ram slots. There are 6 slots in total. First one is black (slots 1,3,5 are black)and then the other 3 are orange. Any reason for this? I can only assume there was ram over clocking involved and maybe the first slot had issues? Am I still running ram as optimal as can be on the orange slots 2,4 and 6?
  24. Each orange and black pair is a channel. The board has 3 channels for memory. The system will rum optimal with the current setup.

    Looking at the Qualified Vendors List for the motherboard I see the RAM manufacture is listed. Though I don't see the RAM listed under the QVL for 16000MHz capability. That does not mean it won't work. Its just.. odd.

    I don't use a triple channel board so I haven't troubleshot one before, otherwise I could be more specific when talking towards issues with that kind of setup.

    Glad you got it working :) Enjoy the rig!
  25. The ram is low voltage etc for this socket and i7 the site says 12800 is 1600mhz.. Is there something I'm missing?

    Thanks again everyone for the input. I should be able to spend some time on it tonight and get everything loaded up and ready to rock. Coming from a core 2 duo and running 32 bit xp... I kind of feel like I'm coming out of the ice age!! Hoping to see some noticeable changes in all around performance.
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