Need Advice, PSU for OC Dual GTX 480 SLI & OC i7 2600K

I'm relatively new to the PC building world and have been researching the parts for my first build for quite a while now.

The most recent problem I've come across is determining the needed wattage for Overclocking a rig with Dual GTX 480's in SLI and i7 2600k.

I've gotten much advice from people and from research, but these have ranged from 850 Watts ~ 1200 Watts, leading me to much confusion. :(

What is the necessary wattage for a PC with?:
Overclocked Dual GTX 480's in SLI
Overclocked i7 2600k
Aftermarket GPU Coolers :
ARCTIC COOLING Accelero XTREME Plus Fluid Dynamic VGA Cooler for nVIDIA and ATI
CPU Cooler:
COOLER MASTER V8 RR-UV8-XBU1-GP 120mm Rifle CPU Cooler Intel Core i7 compatible
1~3~5 Hard Drives, most at 7200 RPM
1 DVD/Blu-Ray Drive
1 P67 or Z68 Motherboard

Current PSU I am looking at:

OCZ ZX Series 1000W Fully-Modular 80PLUS Gold High Performance Power Supply

ABS Majesty series MJ1100-M Continuous 1100W@50°C ATX12V/EPS12V 80 PLUS GOLD Certified, Single 12V Rail Power Supply

I currently have one GTX 480 in my possession and plan to use it on a temporary HP Pavilion a1730n PC until I've obtained the parts for my new build.

If you have any suggestions of the amount of wattage for the PSU/a recommendation for a PSU, I'd highly appreciate it.

Thank you.

Edit: I'm going to be using COOLER MASTER Storm Sniper SGC-6000-KXN1-GP ATX Mid Tower Computer Case
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  1. Woah there buddy. Dual 480's eh? You have a freezer to put these in?
    JK, but you need some serious case cooling. Those puppies run HOT HOT HOT.

    Anyway, a single 480 can use up to 250w. Ouch. You are looking a no less than 850w, and make sure it's 80+ with the proper connectors.

    And not to harp on it more, but i WOULD NOT stick that in an HP. You need a better case. Look at the HAF 912. Small price, big case.

    As for PSU recommendations, I would go 850HX. It's a top ranked PSU, and is modular to reduce cable clutter. It still costs a pretty penny though.
  2. The Hx 850w is $150, modular and got rated 9.5¬/10 on jonnyguru
    ^thats the hcg900w, $110 900w, non modular and got rated 9.5/10 on jonnyguru
    jonnygurus pretty much the best reviewer for psu's so ;). Your choice, pay $40 more (even more price difference after taxes..) for a modular psu that got the same rating, or the cheaper option that is rated at 50w higher.
  3. 50w doesnt really matter. And yes, it is significantly cheaper. However, it's the modularity that matters. It cuts down on clutter, and that is very important to good airflow, which is important to 480's.
  4. So will this 850w PSU have enough wattage for Overclocking both GPU's and the CPU? How much extra wattage is left for the system?
    I'm very anxious when it comes to spending this much money on something that could potentially destroy my system.

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    Ehh, you're looking at a max of about 500w for the gpu's, probably 100~125 for the CPU, 50w for the rest. That should run your PSU at 600~650w or 70% efficiency. It might not be a bad idea to step up to a kilowatt if you want. However, 850w should be sufficient. Especially that Corsair.
  6. I really do have to recommend against 480's... they got a lot of complaints for a reason. Good work on the thread title though... more informative than most.

    Here's a PSU requirement calculator
  7. Taylor422 said:
    I really do have to recommend against 480's... they got a lot of complaints for a reason.

    Well, I obtained one free GTX 480 from a donation from Nvidia, so I don't want to put it to waste.
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