Pc starts, turns off, restarts

Hey everyone,
I just got a barebones kit, and began to put it together. After assembling, i hit the power button, the fans started to spin, and about 4 seconds later, it shut off. Fans stopped on everything, whole thing shut off, and then after a few seconds of being off, it restarted, and continued to do this turn on, die, reboot cycle until i switched off the psu. 
So i then made it so only the psu, motherboard with cpu, and system and cpu fan were powered and tried to run. Same thing. 
Now, i do t have any RAM yet; it got delayed in shipping. Will a pc do this if there is no ram? If not, what could it be? 
Btw, i recieved an internal speaker that came with the case, but i couldn't find a speaker slot on my motherboard, so i dont get any beeps (assuming there are any) and also don't know if the motherboard already has a speaker. But i do not get any beeps. 
Im just trying to figure out what the issue could be for it restarting repeatedly. 
Thanks for any and all help,
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  1. First of all, your system will not boot without memory.

    Second, if you do not have a system speaker built into the motherboard (usually that is true), somewhere very close to where you plug the power and reset switches into the motherboard, you should see a couple of pins for the speaker. It should be part of the same 10 pin header.

    Third, you need to post your system specifications.

    Now, if you have an assembled system without any memory, when you try to turn on your system, you should get some kind of beep pattern from the system speaker. The system should not shut down.

    Without knowing any more than I do, from your symptoms, my first suspect would be the PSU.
  2. Sorry about that. Specs are:

    Motherboard: MSI P67A-C43 (B3)
    PSU: Diablotek DA Series 600 Watt, model # PSDA600
    CPU: Intel Core i5-2500k LGA1155

    Also, I pulled out a PC that I've had for awhile and plugged the psu into that motherboard, and pulled out the ram on that computer. When I run this second computer without RAM, it starts doing the beeps that it should. But when I use my PSU on this new computer, and put it into the old pc, it doesn't make the POST beeps signaling no RAM. Does this mean anything significant?
  3. seem like your powersupply is bad. try the old powersupply in ure new build
  4. Ok, I tried the other psu in the new computer, it still turns off after a couple seconds.
  5. UPDATE: Put in a graphics card, I know it works, and plugged in a monitor. There was no signal whatsoever when I would turn on the new build. A friend said this means that the problem is probably the motherboard?
  6. It's a late reply, but just wanted to post my two cents. I had this same problem: PC starts, lights and fans come on for a split second, then off. After a couple seconds more, turns itself on again. I was worried it was PSU or motherboard, but turned out to be the RAM. I had two sticks, removed one, and then it booted up as normal. So I shut down, pulled both out both sticks and blasted out all the dust that had collected for good measure. Reseated both sticks of RAM, now it starts up fine again. If anything goes bad with a system, I would hope for it to be memory because it is cheap and easy to swap out!
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