How do i wire up front panel head phone jack with the mother board on a pc?

recently i replaced the mainboard on my pc, the front panel video & audio plug-ins doesn't work?
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  1. There should be a cable inside your case that runs from the front audio jacks to connect to the motherboard. Check for this and check your mobo manual for where it should connect to the mobo.

  2. There is a front audio connector in your mobo, tag like F_Audio(maybe, refer to user's manual). Connect the case audio cable to that connector will do.

    But what do you mean by front panel video connector? S-video port?
  3. What is your mainboard model?
  4. When you replace the motherboard, you need to connect the case cables to the motherboard. If you have never done that before, I recommend using the motherboard's manual to locate the pins. There should be a few pin clusters on the bottom side of the motherboard, I can't be specific since it varies from one to another. The pins usually have labels. Be sure to mind the polarity on the pins, otherwise they won't work.

    There should be pins for the front panel audio jack, internal speaker, reset, HDD led and power button.
  5. Read your motherboard manual there should be a page with a layout
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