What is Sandy Bridge iGPU???

I want to buy a new motherboard for a new rig, and I'm combining it with an Intel core i7 2600k. I was looking at a Z68 chipset, or a P67 chipset, but apparently the only advantage to using the Z68 is the ability to use what was referred to as the "the iGPU of sandy bridge". I have no idea what this is, and how it correlates with the Graphics card. If someone could get back to me, I'd really appreciate it.

Here are the cards I've narrowed it down to:


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  1. Integrated graphics processing unit, the graphics chip, is on the cpu,
    are you working with the Rig or is it just a gamebox?
  2. Love your Profile pic. Firefly FTW. Anyway, it will be a complete gaming rig when I'm done. Going to transplant out of a stock computer to a new chassis and switch out motherboards and PSUs. Possibly adding another 580 when I get the dough.
  3. Ok, go for the 2500k then, the 2600's hyperthreading is wasted on gaming systems,
    My Motorbikes called Serenity btw :) Cause love keeps her going lol
  4. That's awesome! The main question I had was the iGPU question, which you answered, but I've already got the CPU, I just need to select a proper motherboard, just not sure which one would be better for my Gaming Rig. I may have posted this in the wrong subtopic, if I did, I apologize. :)
  5. If you get a P67 board, you won't be able to use the iGPU on the CPU. Not a consideration if you get a discrete GPU, but thought I'd mention it.
  6. If you want to use the igpu for say heavy video editing or other cpu heavy tasks, then the z68 and 2600 are a great match, if just gaming, a 2500 on a p67 will be your choice I'd say
    *As you'll be slapping in a decent graphics card, as mentioned by Diellur :)
  7. So, if I were going GTX 580 in SLI would this iGPU factor into the mix at all on the Z68, as far as graphical performance on high-end games?
  8. Well, another issue for me was the memory type that was acceptable for each motherboard. Seems the Z68 accepts 1333 and 1600, and the p67 accept only 2300+?
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    It will run up to 2300MHz, read that pleny of O/c headroom on your 1333/1600 ram, just check that the mobo vendors approved ram list on their website
  10. Cool! Thank you fellas very kindly! See you round the 'verse!
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  12. Thankyou for B.a. man, take it easy :)
    oh, and check out the browncoats redemption film, its finally been released :)
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