Will my set-up work?

Im strating to build a new gaming pc and i am not quite sure if all my components fit together...

Here would be the system i would be building
Phenom II X4 955BE 3,2 GHz (processor)
M5A87, AM3+ (motheboard)
Advance PC 750W (psu)
AEROCOOL PC PGS Series VX-9 (casing)
Seagate Kovalevy Barracuda 7200.rpm 1tb (hard-drive)
GEIL PC ram Value Plus 4 Gt DDR3-1333 (ram)

No, i do not need a video card because i have one which i bought about 2 months ago and it will fit the motherboard. And i also have a DVD/CD-rom so i wont be needing that either.

I hope i will get some opinios from people who actually now something about pc building rather than someone just randomly saying their opinion.
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    That all works. I'd recommend getting a 990 motherboard since they are compatible with the new bulldozer cpus coming out later to give you an upgrade path in the future. Something like

    Otherwise, your build is ok for gaming. I'd recommend waiting on AMD's new cpu lineup due in a month or so but if you have to buy now go for it.

    What is the video card you have atm? 750W for one is overkill but for the option of getting a second card then that works although I have no idea what an Advance PC psu is. I'd recommend a brand like seasonic, antec, corsair, xfx.
  2. Thanks, thats exactly the kind of response i was looking for!

    The motherboard i has has am3+ socket, isnt that enough for the new bulldozers coming out? Or does it require something more than that? I have also heard some news that the fx series is being delayed by months due to lower

    So you think i would manage with a smaller psu than 750w, because i was going to either crossfire 2 graphics cards or buy something worth about 300€, so i was wanting to make sure it enough for that as well... I will still see the size of my sallary this month and my pc will be dependant on the money i make from that :whistle:
  3. Well I was asking what graphics card you have? A 2xgtx 460 only needs 650W 2x 560 needs 750W 2x 580 needs 580W. So depending on your graphics cards depends on how big you need.

    AM3+ is supposed to work with bulldozer but the 990 series has the guarantee to work. The others are supposed to be able to bios flash to the new cpu but it's not a for sure thing.
  4. I have a gts 450 now but im planning to crossfire 2 gtx 560s for a very high performace gaming rig. Ofcourse only after iv bought the bulldozer 6 or 8 core processor. So buying the 750W psu for those purposes wouldnt be such a bad idea after all?

    Well, now that im asking advice i should probably listen to you... and the 990 is only 20€ more than the original one i was looking at.

    Now lets imagine that I have a 8 core bulldozer and crossfire gtx 560, what would be my next bottle neck, if i still had the rest of the older parts?
  5. I don't know the performance of bulldozer but the bottleneck of most systems is the hard drive. I wouldn't worry too much about it though, you have to have a bottleneck somewhere :P
  6. Good point :D but getting a ssd would probably be a good investment atleast after the prices drop... for now they are quite expencive compared to ordinay hds.

    I'v finnaly made up my mind and i will buy the mobo you reccomended and also i will wait for bulldozer to come out since it is not very smart for me to buy a 4x when i could buy a 8x with 150€ extra, I guess Ill just have to wait for a couple of months for bulldozer to come out

    But thanks for the advice, ill tell you when iv built up my system on how well it works (;
  7. I'll look forward to it. That's the one thing about upgrading that I don't like. Something better comes out and then I want to upgrade again!
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