Keyboard & Mouse Suitable for both DOS and Latest FPS Games

Hi Everyone, Let's Straight to the point. For years, I've been looking and wondering for Mouse and Keyboard that have multi-purpose use (multimedia of course) for ALL Operating Systems, including the very primitive DOS. You can see, if the DPI of the mouse is greater than 800 DPI, the mouse use in DOS will be moving too fast, hard to click each button in the screen. I want the mouse that have DPI as small as lower than 800 DPI if there is any (800 DPI at least), while also want to play the newest FPS games with comfort with it. Maybe the multi DPI switch mice will do.

Also for the keyboard, while you typing in DOS' command prompt and also address bar in Windows, the "\" button in the keyboard should located precisely: 1. Above the enter key, & 2. At the left side beside enter key, while the enter key is also should be large enough, to ease typing. The backspace key should also large enough.

The set of Ins-home-del-end-pgup-pgdown keys in the middle right (not the numpads) are also should be in two lines, three-by-three. Not by any other type of models which are not (vertically). This is useful for playing some emulator games which needs action buttons up to 6 buttons or more for enjoyment of playing.

The keyboard and mouse should be multimedia types, preferred to have VOLUME CONTROL button / switch BESIDE of the buttons, not up of the buttons. And more preferred to be WIRELESS type of Keyboard and Mouse Set.

After all these times, I had difficulty find the such perfect Keyboard and Mouse, or in one set, more preferrably.
Anyone can help me finding these type of models? Thanks so much before for the answer
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    Thank you. Asal dari mana? saya di jaksel. Iseng2 jadi member & nanya2 di sini. Biar dapet banyak info
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