Compair Duel cora And Core i3

Who is batter core i3 and duel core. inform me details.
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  1. intel core i3 is also a dual-core cpu but it is much more better than other dual-core it can also beat amd quad core cpu as well because of some use of latest technology look below.

    1.i3 use lga 1155 called sandy bridge it is codename while other dual-core use lga 775. have hd 2000 integerated graphics while other haven't.
    3.i3 have 2 cores and 4 threads.
    4.i3 clock speed is 3.10ghz and overclock upto 4ghz. support upto 32gb of ddr3 ram.
    there for it is the best choice from intel
    visit to see more
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