Need a new gpu

Hello all,

Im looking for a nice gpu for no more then id say 200 bucks. Im an Ati fan tho some nivida cards have caught my eye. If i went with nivida it would have to be an ASUS version. Im really looking for somthing that ill really get my monyes worth. Ill take all suggestions. Tell me what you think
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  1. What are your system specs and what's your usage ? (if it's gaming,then post the resolution you play too)
  2. Hmmm...personally I think you should go to Newegg and bring up the GPU page and then compare prices to the performance charts on Toms site. Find the card with the most performance you can afford for the type of use it will have. Some cards do better at some games than the others...

    Anything else will be peoples personal opinions
  3. What do you have now, and what brand and model (not just wattage) is your power supply?
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