New pc doesn't post...

Hello, Toms Hardware Community.

I just brought some new parts for my freshly builed PC.

Following is installed:
i5 2500k
ASUS P8Z68-V Pro
Corsair XMS3 2 x 4 GB

When I power on the computer I get 1 long beep and two short.

And my dram_led is on.

I pressed the MemOK key and the dram_led started blinking, but stopped agian.

I don't get a display when I connect either a VGA monitor to the onboard grafics.
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  1. The beep sequence you're getting is indicating a problem with your RAM, as indicated as well by the LED. Try uninstalling the RAM, maybe wipe the contacts with a dry cloth or something, and reinstall them. If the problem persists, install just 1 stick at a time, perhaps you have a faulty stick. Also make sure they're installed in the proper slots for dual channel (never know what could cause a problem.) If none of this works check all of your connections, from start to finish. If all else fails you may have to RMA the board and RAM.
  2. Does it matter that it does exactly the same thing when there is no RAM modules installed?
  3. Also tried with 1 stick, two sticks in every single DIMM slot. Same problem.
  4. Having no RAM at all is essentially still a problem with the RAM. The computer needs it and whether there be none, or be it faulty or whatever, the motherboard is just giving you a heads up that something is wrong. Do you have another compatible set of ram anywhere that you could test, to see if maybe its the RAM?

    Just read your second post. Your best bet is to try a second set if you have any. Stupid comment most likely but just make sure everything is seated right when you plug them in, and that they're in the right way. If everything is in right, as I mentioned earlier, just try reconnecting everything, just unplug and replug everything in. If you cant get anything to work, youre out of luck I would say. Something isnt working and hopefully its the RAM since you probably have the motherboard all hooked up and looking pretty.
  5. I got old some very old ones, but I don't think they are compatible with this motherboard.
  6. If its DDR3 240-pin it should be fine, but make sure it is before you try it; my guess is warranty wont cover a burnt motherboard.
  7. They are even older than that. Probably DDR1, 204-pin. I will try getting some kingston modules tomorrow. I double checked these modules, to make sure they were compatible. Hopefully the RAM modules is causing this and not the motherboard.
  8. Any other ideas?
  9. None that I can think of, maybe another user in the forums will help. Id hold off on any fiddling until you try out a different set of RAM. Hopefully that is the cause of the problem and you can get to the boring part of using your newly built PC; instead of spending the next couple weeks fixing it.
  10. Well thanks for your time. I will post my results with some new modules(hopefully). :)
  11. The troubleshooting checklist in my signature was created to troubleshoot this exact problem. I would perform every step in the checklist to identify what's causing the problem.
  12. Already did that before posting here. :)
  13. Also could it mean something that when I turn on my PC, the fans spin up and then it's like everything turns itself off for 5 seconds before it "boots" up agian?
  14. When I was building my PC I had the same problem with my RAM modules.

    Turns out I wasn't pushing hard enough... I was worried about using too much force and the RAM modules weren't seated completely, make sure you have seated them properly. They go in a fair bit.
  15. Ive had similar occurences of my computer turning off, and turning back on after a few seconds. Im not sure what the P8Z68-V Pro has, but my motherboard has dual BIOS settings. It turns off when a failure occurs and turns back on with the failsafe BIOS settings to recover from overclocking and such.

    Mine does that during BIOS switching, im not sure what yours would do that for.
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