New Gaming/Work Build Going Wrong.

Ok Folks, Toms hardware has helped me out tremendously just reading things here and there over the years, however the time has come to officially post with hope of a resolution!

New Build Spec's-

* Lian Li / Lan Cool PC-K59 Case
* Asus M3A32-MVP Deluxe (May be the culprit)-
*(4x) Corsair Dominator 1066mhz1024 Gb Modules
*(2x) HIS iceq 1gb DDR3 ATI Radeon HD 4670's
*(2x) WD Caviar Blue 1 TB 7200 rpm SATA 3gps Storage drives
*(1x) WD Raptor 75 Gb OS Drive 10,000 RPM
*Corsair CX 600 watt PSU
* Phenom II x6 1055T 6core CPU
*Stock Heat sink(for now xD)
*(4x) 140mm Rifle bearing 65cfm fan's
* 120mm exhaust fan

**** PROBLEM******

So, After a couple days of waiting all my parts get into the office, YAY!
I had purchased the Ram and Mobo of a coworker, He claimed it fully functional and how could i pass it up for 100 bucks as a pair? So, let the build commence.
after completion, finally wire up all the hdd's power/reset switch, hdd led wires, speaker ( scary part is she wont beep!)
She is ready for the first boot..
hit the power, nada.. a cold heartless nothing.
So, i go back over the build, reseated all psu connections,(eps12v& 24pin)
reseat the cpu, make sure none of the switch wires are not flipped
Go for boot number two!
Woooshhhhh... she roars, hdds are spinning, mobo light is green, all fans are spinning, led is on, disk drive light is on.

So im sitting here thinking, hmm... maybe u should just start with one video card and go from there, so i remove the higher numberd slot, PCie slot 0 now has the GFx card.
Try to boot again...
same thing, no video, no beeps, no keyboard light flicker nothing yet all fans are spinning.

SO, i start breaking the build down piece by piece.
i remove all ram besides one stick, remove the hdds besides the WD raptor 75gig.
give her another shot, still nothing.
At this point i take all the ram out and im pretty much praying for beeps!
Guess what? Nothing....
So at this point i need outside opinion.

Now one thing i am questioning is what bios revision the board was left on, ive been up and down asus's site and looked at the bios revisions for my board, however i feel as though the new 1055t x6 i just bought may be above the bios revision that is currently installed on the board.
Would this cause this kinda behavior? I STILL EXPECT BEEPS THOUGH!? :o

Any advice is welcome!
Thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully i can resolve this without having to get a new mobo!
Thanks again!
-James MacDonald
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  1. Ask your coworker to lend you a CPU in order to get it running and update to the latest BIOS version.
  2. He has taken off to live with some girl in seattle, Question is would an outdated bios that doesnt support the cpu im using cause this kind of behavior
    ie. no beeps, no video, nokeyboard light flicker?
    obviously its not posting even if there was video....
    anyone else care to give some advice?
  3. It might, generally if one of the components other than the CPU is missing you get the beeps but with the CPU being the issue i think there are no beeps.
    The machine simply won't boot, it may power up but no beeps and no access to bios.

    So like suggested your best bet is to borrow a supported CPU somewhere or buy a used one that is supported by the 0503 bios version.
    Seems you could get a sempron that fit the bill on ebay for about 30 bucks shipped.
    Someone selling a athlon64 x2 3800+ on ebay.
  4. You need a supported CPU in order to upgrade the BIOS.
  5. Thanks for the replys and yes that is my next move, i have a coworker bringing in a athalon x2 5200+ so hopefully this will work!
  6. Support wise you should be all set then with that, asus page lists 0503 supporting 5 different X2 5200+ models.

    Good luck!
  7. What happened jMac? if that didn't, work RMA the Board immediateLY(just my advice)! And where the heCk did u get a "New" M3A32 this Day and Age?!? HopefuLLy u didn't pay the $239+ i payed years back!? Don't get me wrong, in the right case and a Refrigerator over the NB, this Board kiCks Ass! Can't wait to get mine back from faCtory! ! !
  8. Shes golden guys! just a bios flash and shes been great!
    thanks everyone for the comments, and XaJa...
    i bought it from a co worker who had barley used it and i know i cant believe this board was 200 bucks 2 years ago!
    some new artic silver and stock heatsinks my temps dont break 40. great board hope it keeps going for a while!
  9. oh and trust me. that refrigerator nb comment made me laugh , i took care of that long before i checked this thread again, 2 80mm fans mounted quite nicely makes for good temps~!
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