GTX 480 a good buy?

I can currently get a hold of one in mint condition from a friend for the price of a gtx 560ti oc'd is this card still a good one. I can't afford a gtx 580 at the moment so this may be my chance to own a high end graphics card before the prices on the 580's drop.

Should I buy this card or stick with my current gtx 560ti oc'd? Im fine with the noise and power consumption that this card will produce also.

I am gaming on a 1080p monitor.
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  1. The GTX 480 will perform just a little bit better than your current GTX 560. If you overclock the 560, then the difference will be even smaller. The GTX 480 is about 8% faster than a factory overclocked GTX 560 at 900 mhz. If that is enough of a boost, then go for it.
  2. To be honest don't buy it unless you can get it lets say for $200 usd. They are very hot bla bla but the performance isn't going to be as great as you would think. Mega chips like the gtx 480 in general tend to have serious thermal and power issues that can brick them early on or when you least expect it with in 2 or 3 years of use.
  3. I can get it for $240 thats the lowest he is willing to go. I will have to sell my current 560ti in order to pay for this one. So i guess I'll have to be an adult and save for a current gtx 580 :(

    Wouldn't the higher memory bandwidth further increase the performance of the gtx 480? as well as it having more cuda cores?
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    Save your money ok. Saving your money for a better card later is the best choice. I have learned a lot from my mistakes in the past and you could be making one of them by selling your current card and getting that gtx 480. It is not worth the money period. Why bother with it is barely any better than what you already have. High end cards are not always the best to have. Plus it is only months to a year before they are already outdated and much more cheaper cards can already touch it.

    GTX 560 less heat, lower operating cost and less likely to fail
    gtx 480 lots of heat, not a long term long use solution may fail early on compared to your lower wattage 560.

    Mega chipped cards like the gtx 480 tend to mirror problems and results as seen in others like the 8800gtx or the 2900xt. Thermal related failures always shadowed these cards through out their useful life such as arctifacting, dead vram phases, and common vram issues. The larger the chip the more likely that it may fail however this is mitigated by higher quality compenants.
  5. ok, I think that I will save my cash and buy the gtx 570 as it has great reviews and seems to have good price to performance ratio.
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