The best tv tuner card for Win XP Pro SP3,OTA Broadcast channels

which would be the top or best tv tuner cards for my application as I am running plain win xp pro sp3 NO mce?I will be using a Radio shack HD antennae but have NO cable,just over the air broadcasts and want to watch one channel while viewing another.My PC is a Dell 8300 with 2.6 HT chip,2.5 gig ram and Geforce 6200 video card.My PC came originally with Win Media Center but it was removed in favor of straight Win XP Pro sp3.I don't want to have to use a converter box to get any channels as the card has to be able to do that!Please advise.Thanks
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  1. Check out the hauppage 2250... It works for Antenna base reception...WinTV7 software and scheduler also works well

    All HD local broadcast require Amplified HD Antenna for best results. regardless of the HD tuner you are using you will have better success using Amplfied HD antenna. ~ 30db gain or higher. It depends on your location with respect to the TV tansmitter.
  2. Hi thanks for the information.My original post should have read watch one channel while recording another.Also I checked out the Hauppauge 2250 however it is a PCIe card and my PC has 4 regular PCI slots as well as 1 AGP slot that my video card takes up.Any recommendations for the best card now?
  3. If you want to watch one channel while viewing another channel via OTA (ATSC), then you need either multiple tuners, or a dual tuner.

    I'm only aware of three dual tuners:

    HVR-2250 (PCIe)
    A188 Duet (PCIe)
    HDHomerun Dual (LAN)

    The first two won't work for you, and the third does not come with software.

    So... you will need two separate PCI single tuner cards. The best PCI tuner that can handle ATSC streams is the HVR-1600. I have one and it works great BTW. Again, you would need two of these and you will have to use the bundled WinTV software that Hauppauge makes.
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