First Build no clue what to do for cooling

I'm not sure how many fans i will be needing what kind etc. or even possibly liquid cooling. I plan on unlocking to 6950s and overclocking them; as well as overclocking my cpu to around 4.4 (intel i5 2500k). Will several fans suffice? I hear liquid cooling can be complicated to install this being my first build.
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  1. Don't do a full blown liquid cooled system as your first PC... it's a bit tricky, and also very expensive to do right.

    There are self-contained liquid cooling kits for your processor that you can buy however, like the Corsair H50 or H70. Those are easy to do.

    What kind of case are you using? Fans will depend on what case you have.

    The most important thing you can do is add an aftermarket CPU heatsink and fan, like the Coolermaster Hyper 212+. It'll keep your 2500k at 4.4ghz with no trouble at all.
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