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hey i have been playing crysis full everything i have the 6970 direct cu 2 and overclocked to 990 for gpu and 1475 for the memory i get an average fps of 38 my highest when running the test was 45 and a low of 33 my cpu is the 1090t and i know for fact that the game uses little of most processors whether its a 6 core or a quad i have 1866mhz vengeance ram 750watt psu the formula iv mobo plus im not sure if this would be the best place to ask but is there a way of making the game use more of my cpu? or atleast use 100% of some of my cores
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  1. Games use more GPU and not CPU if you are having problems disable all power saver options in BIOS and try again.
  2. no problems just curios on if i could bump up the frame rate ive set the cores now to affinity and tested in the cpu test and that bumped that up a fair bit was at a low 26 then after setting the cores to affinity it bumped up to roughly 38 and a high on that part of 50 upwards when before it barely reached 40 so that seemed to help a fair bit :)
  3. Overclocking the processor will help. Disable two cores, and overclock the remaining from BIOS. That game can't utilise more than 4 threads.
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