No hard drives will boot on my computers

I just got two used computers today, and they both have the same problem, they wont let a hard drive boot...

it gets passed the bios/mobo screen and waits about 10 15 seconds and says Disk Read Error..

Now, the hard drive i put in already has windows 7 on it, i use it in another computer..

So the second computer, i put the same hard drive in, and all of a suddon its loading windows, but then it restarts (not sure if it flashed anything before that.)

but when it restarts, now this computer says the same thing, Disk Read Error...

Oh yeah and i used two different hard drives, both already have windows on it. Both work in my other two computers just fine..

So im confident its not a hard drive problem

YES, the bios DOES list the hard drives, it shows the WDC etcetc hard drive information, so there is some level of detection there...

how can i trouble shoot this?

i dont have anything plugged in accept a monitor and a serial keyboard.

mobo type in both computers are an Intel ASUS P5NSLI
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  1. How old are the computers? Might be a good idea to update the bios on them as a start. Also in the bios did you check to ensure it was set to boot from the hard disks instead of diskette or cdrom or flash device?

  2. there not that old, appear to be custom built too,, core duo CPUS, i Reset Biod Defaults from the BIOS screen, ill check the boot order i suppose default my be booting that??

    at this moment im installing windows on "another" hdd, currently Expanding Windows Files... i take it this is taking use of the HDD.... meaning to some extend that it works.. but i dont konw.

    i will check boot order, but i have to wait. i hope thats it but i have a feeling that its not.

    if anyone can think of anything else while i wait on this, encase boot order is not at fault id appreciate it.

  3. Unless the computers you're switching between have the same exact hardware it may just be that Windows is not configured for the new hardware.
  4. ok i checked boot loader, its fine, i reset mobo via the boid admin area as well as removing battery for a bit and putting back in, no luck.

    i put the hard drive in a working computer and installed ubuntu next to win7, updated it completely and put it back into the non working computer, first i get something about grub error... which,, heh,, after is when i actually updated ubuntu.. and now i get a plain
    Read Error nothing else, not Disk Read Error, just Read Error..

    i am confident something is wrong with the mobo and or CPU. since thats the only two items left in the computer when i got them. i understand it may be time to make Funeral Arrangement's but if theres anything else i could try i would love to give it a a shot.

    when i try to install ubuntu on another hdd, ubuntu tells me i need more disk space.
    But i certainly have plenty.. and the HDD works on other computers fine, ran chkdsk, no problems..

    im able to run ubuntu straight from the disk.

    not sure if it matters, but my mouse stops working a minute or so after booting ubuntu from disk.. but im still able to do keyboard stuff.. mouse is usb, keyboard is serial. .or what ever that other piece is with pins..

    i feel like being able to boot from disk means i should be able to fix what ever problems i have, i just dont know what the heck they are.

  5. bump? :)
  6. :( anyone?
  7. Have you tried testing the RAM? Using one stick at a time?
  8. no, but the ram stick i got i use in another computer just fine.

    i got these two computers for free from a friend of my dads who does computer work, i have a strong feeling he over clocked them both and broke them. iv Flash Bios . .
    what other options do i have?
    what could this be besides memory.. although i will check this i feel thats not the problem, any ideas?

    Why does ubuntu keep telling me i dont have enough HDD space to install ubuntu, even though i have plenty..
  9. and no that im trying to install winxp at this moment, it took real long after "Inspecting Hard Ware.. or something "

    now its on the blue screen with
    Windows Setup on top
    and the info on the very bottom, scanning through files..

    Finally its done and is on
    Starting windows .. or something
    and it sticks there for way to long...

    now, i hit Enter to "Install" windows XP

    and its telling me

    Setup did not find any hard disk drives install in your copmuter/

    The thing is, BIOS DOES detect my hdd and displays the model.

    This hDD, Does work, i use it in other computers as a spare .. and i just took it out of a working computer in order to use it in this new/used computer.

    so Bios detects drive,
    intsalling any OS and it does not detect it..
  10. Its likely your suspicions are correct and the mobo or CPU is broken. Its harder to tell with CPU. If you have another mobo that can fit into the CPU to test, you can do that. Aside from that, you've tried pretty much everything.
  11. yeah if i only had more parts laying around it would be way easy to narrow it down, but i dont at this time :(

    thing is im able to boot ubuntu from DISK.
    So it makes me wonder if a CPU and or MOBO can function when booting from disk..
    even of one or both are broken.

    But when im booted on the disk, after a couple minutes, or maybe less than..

    my usb mouse stops working.

    but my serial KB still works im really hoping its something stupid i can figure out lol..
  12. So i got ahold of an old IDE hard drive, plugged it in and now ubuntu says im good to go, (have enough space, and can continue)

    i need to back up the data on the hdd before i do this,

    what can i assume now that ubuntu isnt detecting my SATA hdd, but it is detecting my IDE hdd, also to be clear, bios DOES detect the SATA..

    i would appreciate all insights i could get to figure this out. .
  13. applesfaceman said:
    Now, the hard drive i put in already has windows 7 on it, i use it in another computer..

    applesfaceman said:
    i put the hard drive in a working computer and installed ubuntu next to win7, updated it completely and put it back into the non working computer

    You need to do a fresh OS installation on the PCs you received.
  14. thats the thing, on the SATA (from a working computer) i was going to do a fresh install but when trying to instal ubuntu, before i was able to format, it said i didnt have enough space on the HDD.. (i had plenty) and did not have an option to format at that point
  15. I would check the RAM and BIOS settings first. You could also run memtest86+ from your Ubuntu live USB stick - I think it should appear in the grub menu. If not, download and prepare a bootable USB stick with memtest86+.

    Once you can rule out memory issues, check that your hard drive is connected to the right port and has the correct BIOS configuration. Most modern systems use AHCI for SATA drives.
  16. hey powerhouse, i will be running memtest and all that good stuff soon, thing is the SATA HDD and Memory all work fine in other computers/mobos..

    iv reset my mobo bios and nothing helped, iv looked to find the ahci settings for the sata drives but cant seem to find any mention of it on my mobo bios settings..
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