5770 or 6850?

Hello, I am stuck between the ATI Radeon HD 5770, and the AMD Radeon HD 6850. I will be playing WoW, and doing some light video editing. What card is the better choice, and what brand do you prefer? I am thinking about XFX or Gigabyte. The games don't need to be on Max settings, but I would like at least 30 FPS on Max. Thanks
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    If you can afford 6850 go for it,it's notably faster than 5770
  2. Thanks for the reply, could you recommend a brand?
  3. Gigabyte has one of the best 6850s available, but there are also good choices like MSI and Asus
  4. Since they are essentially the same parts, you may want to consider who has the best warranty.

    I had a Gigabyte 4870x2 that fried and G replaced it with a pair of 5850's, no questions asked...

    When a eVGA card died, they wouldnt honor the warranty one bit...

    Not saying its true for every person.....just my experience...
  5. JoeAdamsIV said:
    Thanks for the reply, could you recommend a brand?

    Sapphire,HIS,ASUS,Gigabyte etc. are all good
  6. I don't see how anybody here could suggest you a card without knowing what cpu you have, what resolution you run, or what power supply.
  7. CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE
    Resolution: 1680x1050 (likely to change a few times)
    PSU: Antec TruePower 650W
  8. Maziar said:
    Sapphire,HIS,ASUS,Gigabyte etc. are all good

    ^+1 .... yup *nod*
  9. cpu, psu, and resolution all point to at least a 6850 imo, even the 6870s are cheap these days. In the end I would at least go for the 6850, imo its just a better investment at this point in time given your system specs and monitor resolution, if I were to pick a 6850 right now to purchase it would be this one:

    you cannot go wrong with this gpu imo and its overclocking potential although different from card to card is likely the best with something like this
  10. 5770 would be brought to it's knees in some games at that resolution, go with the 6850.
  11. ^^yeah so would the 6850 (in some games) for that matter, but I totally agree that the 6850 is the better choice no doubt
  12. what about a 5850?

    might be a little more than what you were trying to spend but AR it is a good deal imo...

    the 5870 however would totally dominate that resolution on high in almost any game and it is a steal of a deal right now for 180 AR +8 shipping, that is one hell of a deal, imo, check it out:

    either of these cards would be great for your res imo as would the 6850, but the 5850 and 5870 especially will bring significantly more gpu muscle to the table and they are a steal of a deal at present time and still more than capable in a single card configuration.
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