A good g-card under $60??

I want a new graphics card under $60 ? so please suggest me some good cards under this price range? and how well these cards can run FIFA 11?
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  1. Most cards under $100 are not meant for gaming.
    Are you willing to spend more?
    I would recommend the ATI Radeon HD 5670 or 5770. However it is $100.
    FIFA 11 is a modern game, so old cards will not run the game very well.
  2. i dont play other games than fifa so suggest some cards that can run fifa with high config under $100-$120?
  3. tough to make a good suggestion without knowing what other hardware you have ( mobo proc ram psu ) and what monitor you got.
  4. The best you can buy if you are willing to deal with a mail-in rebate is a GT 240 which is faster than a HD 4670. It costs $70 + $3 shipping, but there is a $20 rebate which brings the price down to $50.


    How well does it run FIFA 11? Don't know 'cause it's not used in benchmark reviews.
  5. swifty_morgan said:
    tough to make a good suggestion without knowing what other hardware you have ( mobo proc ram psu ) and what monitor you got.

    4GB DDR2 RAM
    Intel G41 MOBO
    Intel Core 2 duo e8400 3.0GHz
    AOC Razor 18.5" LED Monitor

    Now i need a good card under $120?
  6. You can find some benchmarks for the GT 240 in the following review. Since it is not a DirectX 11 card, it is excluded from all DX11 benchmarks.


    Generally speaking, you'll need at least a 350w power supply depending on what's in your PC.
  7. You can also score cards like the HD 4850 off ebay for the 50-60 dollar range. Geforce 9600 GT for the same price range, and the Geforce 9800 GT cards can be had for around 60-70 bucks on ebay also. Older hardware for sure, but still runs games pretty good even now, and great if you really are on a strict budget. I know there are videos up on youtube of the HD 4850 running Fifa 11. The videos are kinda choppy on the framerate on spots, but thats due to fraps being used to record the gameplay, so I imagine the 4850 could run the game fine at reasonable settings.

    EDIT: Would also like to add that the HD 4850 is quite a bit faster then the GT 240. Actually, I think all of the cards I mentioned are to varying degrees.
  8. My freind has the ati 4670 and it runs Fifa 11 on max settings on that resolution no problems. Hell even 4650 should do it. Get one of these. A 4670 will run fifa 12 too. Get one of those.
  9. I agree with the professor. Even though i'm not a fan of ebay, if you're looking for a graphic card for gaming at $60 or under it's probably your best bet. There were several 4850s for sale there for about $50, all used. You are gambling that it's actually a problem free card, a gamble you don't have with a reputable retail seller like newegg, but it may be a good option for you.
  10. I bought a refurb 4870 off tigerdirect for 67 bucks shipped a few days ago but I cant find it anymore.

    Has a 1 year warranty too :)
  11. 1) From wrazor, we get authoritative info that a 4670 class card will do the job on FIFA. Good info.

    2) similar cards are the GT240, 5570, 9600gt.

    3) Do not anguish over minor differences, you mostly get what you pay for.
    I think I would look for a 5570, a more modern card with modest(400w) power requirements. You can find them new near $60 after rebate.
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