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Dear Tomshardware
I have a PC system with below details:
Mainboard:Gigabyte 8I945PL-G
CPU:INTEL Pentium4 3200 2MB cashe 64BIT
RAM:Kingmax 533MHZ DDR2 1GB
VGA:Gigabyte NX6600DP2 256MB
Hard disk:Maxtor SATA 160GB

I want to upgrade this system for gaming with low cost
Please help me by your recomands.
If I upgrade VGA and RAM must be upgrade CPU and also mainboard ?
With the best wishes!
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  1. The Pentium 4 makes a bad gaming CPU. You really need a C2D CPU at least. The problem is not all 945 chipsets support C2D. Look up your motherboard and see if it does. (according to newegg it doesn't.) Lucky for you it does have a PCIe 16x slot, so if you buy something newer then a 6600 you'll be able to game better.

    If you want to keep that system, get 2GBs of ram into it and a new video card. You probably can't run any of the new 2.1 cards, but a PCIe 2.0 card should work fine. I'm not sure what your budget is (and I'm sure its in Indian Rupees.)
  2. your biggest problem is your CPU and it looks like the board will not support a Dual Core CPU.

    a NVidea 9500GT and 2GB of memory but if you cannot update the CPU save the money
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