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24 gigs of RAM on ASUS P6T Deluxe v1 mobo

I wanted to expand the memory on my ASUS P6T Deluxe (v. 1) motherboard ... and decided to go with (6) of the 4-gig Kingston KVR1333 chips.

But the computer (Win7 Professional) would only recognize 16 gigs. An improvement -- but not what I was hoping for.

After much fooling around, the solution was to go into the BIOS and under the AI Tweaker tab, you need to reset the DRAM FREQUENCY from [auto] to the actual value of your chips ... my case, 1333.

Worked like a charm and I didn't have to do any other tweaks with voltage, etc.

So if you encounter this problem, this would be a really easy first thing to try.

Hmmm ... now I'm tempted to see whether this could be upped to 48 gigs ... (I'm a video editor, so I can use all the memory I can get for video rendering).

I hope this helps the next person fix this problem more quickly!
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    24GB is the stated MAXIMUM for your motherboard.

    - always update your BIOS (sometimes contains new memory profiles and other things)
    - always run MEMTEST at least once and always after changing any settings related to CPU or RAM
    - if you OVERCLOCK the CPU, you may need to drop the RAM MULTIPLIER so that the RAM frequency does not exceed its maximum

    Nice goodies with UBCD. The recommended RAM tester is Memtest86+ v4.2.
  2. The second last BIOS states this so you should have this BIOS or the newest one (newest one appears only to add support for newer CPU's):

    P6T Deluxe 2101 BIOS
    1. Improve system stability
  3. Thanks for the tips! My knowledge about computer details is really basic -- but I figured I should start somewhere, even if it means making some mistakes.

    I haven't done a BIOS update, so I'll check that out today.

    Can I update the BIOS without messing anything else up? I wouldn't have to reinstall the OS or anything like that, would I?

    And does the BIOS update recognize the same settings I now have in the BIOS -- or do I have to make adjustments to the new version once it's installed?

    One more newbie question -- I have a 1st version of this P6T deluxe board ... Do you think the BIOS update will cover my board as well as the ver 02?

    Thanks again for your help!

    Bill Matthiesen
  4. For other's 'reference' a couple of possibilities, first accessing >16GB requires Window 7 Professional, Ultimate or Enterprise. Next some X58 have Memory Configuration Protect; see or its equivalent. Lastly, fiddling with the BIOS and manually setting the RAM can indeed help or Clear CMOS, and if needed using the latest BIOS.

    As far as 48GB (6x8GB) many X58's and i7-9XX can run 48GB; (while I'm on his site) see -
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