PC Power and Cooling 750W or Corsair TX750 V2

So here is my set up, just got the 6870 and now seeing the 12V line drop a lil bit on my 550W when I stress the whole system,

AMD Phenom II X4 965 4.44MHz @ 1.52V
Gigabyte 890XA-UD3
XFX 6870 Black Edition
8gb G.Skill memory 1616MHz 8-9-8-24
XSPC Rasa RS360 Kit
OCZ 550W
Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB
2x 500gb WD Black (RAID 1)
Corsair 800D

So I was looking into getting a 750W in case I wanted to crossfire down the line and came across these two PSUs.

PCPC: $86 Shipped AR
Corsair: $96 Shipped AR

The main differences that I see are that the PCPC is 80plus silver, corsair being bronze. Along with the corsair coming with 4 x 6+2-Pin and the PCPC has 2 x 6-Pin, 2 x 6+2-Pin. So what do you guys think?
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    Pick either, they are both excellent.

    My preference would be the PC P&C.
    a. Cheaper.
    b. silver efficiency.

    Do not worry about 6 or 6+2 configuration. A 750w unit will not be good enough for sli cards like the GTX590 that requires two 8 pin connectors each.

    But, unless you suspect a performance problem, or you think your psu is failing, why bother to change?

    I think it will be more logical to upgrade in the future to one of the 28nm cards from Nvidia or amd due the end of the year, and not go crossfire. I doubt that the strongest will need more than 700w.
  2. Thanks for the tip on the cards. I got the 6870 for fairly cheap (160) to play BF3 on, but after the prices of the 28nm cards drop a little I will sell the 6870 and pick on up. That was the good thing about the double lifetime warranty, it ups the resale value.

    And I was looking into a new PSU b/c i think I am close to the limit on mine. When I run P95 large FFTs and Furmark according to HW monitor my 12V line drops from 12.48V to 12.16V (use to be solid at 12.48V). This weekend I'm going home from college and gonna pick up my multimeter and test it better.
  3. dont go by hardware monitor, it is measuring the voltage off the motherboard, my pc shows a voltage drop in hw monitor and im running a 6850 on a 650w antec psu. Use a multimetre to measure accurate voltage. Your 550w ocz is plenty. Unless you are experiencing problems your wasting your money on replacing something that doesnt need replacing.
  4. Just got back and plugged in my Kill-a-watt, running P95 large FFTs and furmark and I am pulling 510W. Off my multimeter I am getting a drop from 12.3V down to 12.18V at full load.

    Part of the reason I was thinking about getting a new PSU is I am building my bro a computer that I could just throw this 550W into and charge him $30 for it, so it would only be a $56 upgrade for the 750W or $38 if I got the 650W PC P/C.

    So what do you think I should do...
  5. In normal operations you will never go near as high as the 510w you saw. Your current psu is fine.

    But one would be hard pressed to find a better psu for $30 for a new build for your brother.
    Be nice and just give it to your brother and get the psu you really want.
  6. Took your guys advice and just kept the 550W, picked up a 400W Broze for my brother ($36 Shipped), and spent my money on a OCZ Solid 3 60gb for $60 AR. Cant beat 1$/Gb for 500Mb/s reads.
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