Baby's first build :)

I'm making a computer to use for audio recording and editing as well as game animation and design in the future. I run Nuendo and Audition with ReWire from Reason and Abelton Live. I'm not sure what programs I will be using for game design in the future. At the moment just Source SDK and Torques game builder, but i plan on using more high performance programs later on.

This is the rough build idea. I would appreciate any recommendations even if it completely changes the build since this is my first build. Also if anything could be cheaper and handle what I need it too that would be great!



Video Card


Hard drive

Then I have some ideas for cases and fans and power supply. How many fans should i run?
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  1. bump, i'd be curious about this too.
  2. It would help if you were to fill this out. But for now I will just suggest budget minded parts.

    Everything looks good except the hdd. If you're only going with one, don't get a slow hdd (normal hdd speed is 7200rpm). Sata 2 or 3 won't matter for a mechanical hdd.

    As for the rest I'd suggest a haf 912 for its big size, good airflow and low price. The cooler master 212+ for its good price/performance. And a good 650w psu that will handle OCing, if you are, such as the antec earthwatts.

    Although depending on when you buy, deals/combos will change and so can part choices.
  3. Just don't put Baby in the corner.

  4. that's actually the case i was looking at already nice! thanks for the info an fast reply.
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