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Hi there

Here's my issue , im building this gaming lanbox from a radio here's the link to it:

so im limited on space, the interior will have basically to stories, 1 floor---psu and hdd then second floor mobo and all the other components. I kinda figured out my stuff, but i really would need some help on a good psu but in a small form...i mean all the expansive things come in small package (diamonds):)...
so for me to fit the psu than a 1 tb hdd and a 64g ssd...on 1 floor i need a small psu but good enough to run this things.

ram ---2x4 g gskill x
cpu ----i5 2500k
hdd-ssd----1tb +64g
GPU -probably a gtx 560
wireless internet card

looking to oc the cpu.

so what psu should i use? ...remember space its limited....i can come up with the 3.4 Inch high but i need width and depth small......
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  1. antec earthwatt 430w
    3.4" x 5.9" x 5.5" dimensions making it .5" shorter in length then most entry PSU and slightly smaller in its width

    bronze efficient and 32a on it's 12v rail is more then enough for you, it can even power the GTX560ti if you want to step up
  2. I'd go a little higher, and see about a modular (especially in a small box, cable spaghetti kills cooling).
    $65 OCZ ModXStream Pro 500W Modular ($20 MIR)

    or, even better
    $65 Antec BP550 550W Modular
  3. i thought like a crosair 650 hx modular?...99$ with rebate? on may be a keep reading seasonic its a really good brand...and i find a fanless one give me the opinion on that 1 guys ..or myabe the hx 650?
  4. Seasonic is indeed very good quality and the X460/400 is indeed fanless.

    A reputable PSU from companies such as Seasonic, XFX, Corsair, and Antec alongside a select few others is highly recommended.

    Since i dont know what your budget is... I'll give you a few series of PSU's i'd like to recommend to people.

    Seasonic Gold X Series , M12II series, S12II series
    XFX Pro / Core Series
    Corsair HX /TX V2 / TX M series
    Antec units HCG/ EA/ TP series
  5. im stacked btw 2 of this psu's bouth are 99$

    witch ever gets the more votes ill go with.

    and maybe instead of the 1 tb hdd i can put a laptop drive its smaller right? with the right connection:)
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    In terms of just quality, both of them is excellent.

    It really depends though and i would probably say the hx650 just because your setup is medium / high end gaming while the S X460 is really for medium end gamers or people who want/need high efficiency units.
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