Acer laptop aspire 3620 is not booting.

acer laptop aspire 3620 is not booting. When turning on or restarting the display screen does not always come up. I don\'t know if it is booting or dead and I have to perform a hard shutdown--when boot is successful, pc crashes showing the dreaded "blue screen of death". How can I fix? I have been told that the problem may be because my battery is bad--I do not run my laptop on battery power, it is always plugged in at my desk.
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  1. maybe you will change your laptop's battery .I know a good website.You can browse this site: It sells a variety of laptop batteries. It have a high cost of batteries.I hope this helps.
  2. Hi,

    You may try to restore your PC back to defaults.

    The process of restoring PC to defaults is simple, just hold the [alt] key and press the F10 key right when you turn the PC on to start the recovery program.

    Check out all the new software that you have installed on your computer, if the software are not genuine and authenticated, remove them, because they may be the cause of problem.

    Another way is, get in the BIOS and turn of the option of Autostart at system failure.

    Hope this information helps you.
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