NOT Solved!! Corasir XMS3 in ASUS m5a88-v evo

I have a brand new PC up and running, but it can only run on one of the two 4 GB Corsair xms3 1600 MHz. When trying to run on two RAM it freezes during windows boot.
How can i get both RAMs installed?

Phenom II 965 BE 125w
Corsair XMS3 8GB 1600 x2
OCZ ModXStream pro 600w
EVGA Superclock cooler
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  1. Have you tried both sticks individually? Are you following the instructions in the motherboard manual for correct slots?
  2. yea i used the correct slots mentioned in the manual. and i've tried each stick by them selves... they work individually, but not together.
  3. I am inclined to think there is something wrong with one of your channels. Have you tried both sticks in the primary channel?
  4. I think it might be one of my sticks. I thought they worked individually, but when I swapped out the ram in primary channel, the swap froze my windows again. I was also thinking, do i have to change anything in my BIOS for my RAM?
  5. You should not they should just run at their SPD setting until you tweak speed.
  6. i see. I'm going to exchange ram and go from there. keep you posted. Thanks for the help.
  7. So I exchanged for another corsair xms3 and installed them both. THEY WORK!!! My pc is running real smooth. Thanks for the help.
  8. Great enjoy!
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