Looking for a good gaming comp

Hello all,

I was looking for a gaming rig preferrably with a i5 2500k proc.
Also i'm from India so would like the costs also to be put up in terms of Indian Rupees (PS if u have good links which ship to India please do post em >.< )
My budget is around 30-40k INR.Thats 650-850 USD.

Components I dont require:(Keyboard,Mouse,Printer,CD/DVD drive,HD (atm have a 250gb one)

Thanks in Advance :)
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  1. let us begin with mother board

    if available : ASUS M5A97

    memory : G-skill 4gb 1600 mhz

    VGA : 6950 MSI twin frozr III
    or any refrence edition I prefer SAPPHIRE 6950

    PSU: cooler master extreme 650 watt
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