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I'm building a computer for the first time. Well I've gotten pretty much everything connected and the computer starts but it keeps saying that the HDD is not detected. I've tried connecting it to a few different power cords and I've plugged it in both the sata 3gb and 6gb but its not just being picked up. But when i tried a different power cable, in the bios it showed it on the bottom. Here are some pictures to show what I got going on. Lol and don't bitch about the wire management. I'm not done yet. just want to make sure everything is working good then I'll make it look nice and purdy.

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  1. It looks like the disk is being detected by the bios.

    Any system will complain if it cannot find a disk that is bootable. Brand new disks are not partitioned never mind being formatted.

    So take your OS install disc and put it in the CD / DVD drive, enter the bios, then make the system boot from that drive instead. The installation process for the OS should then start.

    After the entire OS installation process is complete you should be able to boot from the hard drive into your new OS on boot.
  2. Yup. You just don't have an OS on your HDD. Just pop in a Windows 7 disc and go to town. It will automatically format your drive and everything will look all "purdy".

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