Problem: Accelero S1 Rev 2 Install GPU Cool but Computer crashes when gaming

Hi guys,

Short version:

- Have had a radeon 4850 for ages
- Recently bought Assassins creed brotherhood
- Graphics card was overheating so bought Accelero S1 Rev2
- Installed it, gpu temps are brilliantly low, can overclock it
- Cant play games! COmputer crashes when I do!
- Wondering if it might be VR heatsinks, which I installed the 4 sinks on (the 8 little black squares)
- What to do?
Long version:

I'm quite new to pc modifications, and usually I wouldn't go about doing stuff under the hood but a couple of days ago I got Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

The game would crash regularly and to solve the problem I went online to find that most probably my computer needed a clean and my graphics card (Gigabyte ATI 4850)was probably heating up.

I checked it out and found to my shock that I was nearing 90 degrees celcius when playing games like Bad Company 2, and decided to invest in an aftermarket cooler (Acceler S1 Rev 2)

After a whole lotta googling and youtubing, I took apart the graphics card and installed the cooler, and it seems to be cooling the GPU down beautifully! Temps are at 29/30 when idle.

I've run Catalyst's autotune once, with no problems (690Mhz core and 1050 Memory)

But every time I try to run a game, or run 3DMark, the damn thing crashes on me!

It must be something to do with the install, I think, but GPU's fine. Of the heatsinks, I put the ram sinks where they belong, and the VR sinks on the Voltage regulators. The only thing I did do put all 4 rectangular sinks on the small 8 black...voltage regulators, if I'm correct?

I didn't cover the 4 beige squares with any sinks. So I'm concerned it might be that, but not sure and hesitant to replace/add anything for fear I can't reattach it {need more thermal paste etc.)

Can anyone help diagnose the problem. please?

Many many thanks
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  1. I wouldn't use autotune, you can't really trust it. Try resetting your card to stock and see if you still have problems. If so it could be a failing power supply, or the card might be damaged.
  2. What makes you think it's the video card??

    Graphics cards are made to run hot, I had a 9800GT that idled over 90c, however my HD5850 never goes over 55c when I'm gaming and that's with fan at 60%.

    What are your cpu temps under prime 95?

    How old is your power suppply and what make and model?

    Please list your full system specs.
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