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This is my current situation. I am a gamer and I want to play a game called Rift. However my computer is outdated and I get very bad framrates on it. They vary from 10 to 70 depending upon where i am. However, during combat, it averages about 25. This is on all of the lowest settings. These are my specs: e5200@ 2.8Ghz 4gb ram geforce gts 250 1gb video card. I have talked to some people and have received different opinions on what to do. If I wanted to spend about 200 bucks to get me by before I buy a whole new real computer, what would make Rift atleast playable. I was thinking for the gpu a new gtx460 1gb ddr5 for 150 to 200 dollars on newegg. I already have a 650 watt psu. For the cpu, perhaps a new core 2 quad. Rift is both cpu and gpu intensive. Inside the games benchmarks it said my gpu was holding me back more than the cpu. So if Im not going to get a new computer, would an overclocked gtx460 help me out to get by? Also, i was told that despite having the lga socket 775 slot for a core 2 quad that it could be rejected by the manufacturers bios. The system is a gateway. At this point i do not want to by a new computer just yet. Thanks
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  1. Hi,

    if you're not willing to invest in a new computer, I think the GTX 460 is a nice upgrade on your system. You can then move it over to your new platform once you buy a new computer. I wouldn't invest on a new CPU on a "dead" socket like yours.
  2. Would an ATI Radeon 6850 or 6870 be just as good of an option?
  3. Yes. Get the better deal.
  4. Im probably going to go with the 6870. To assure it works i want to go over some things. I have a pci express 1.1 slot but the card is backwards compatible. I have a 650 watt psu. I have 2 6 pin connectors. I also am assuming that my mobo can take 1gb of ddr5 instead of 1gb ddr3. It is also a big card about 10 inches long correct? Also, is it safe to use catalyst control center auto tune feature or would it be better if I just overclocked manually if I did. Is it safe to have a gpu fan at 100% all the time other than shortening its life?
  5. Checkout ebay and get a Q6600 about £50 and GTX460 or ATI 6850/6870.
  6. If i got a q6600 what would I do about the memory? I currently have 4gb running at 895mhz because of an overclock on the dual core but the new fsb would be 1066.
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