I have a few questions regarding molex fan connectors

So i have 5 case fans, all of which use 4 pin molex, but no molex devices to plug into after the fan connectors. i had to use adapters for my sata hard drives and vid card power plugs from molex instead of using straight sata power, or GPU 6 pin. it works, but my case is littered with cables and adapters. i was wonder if i can just hook up all the fans to one another and just use one adapted molex plug after all the fans? or how many in a row you think i can safely use?
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  1. well, after some research, i discovered that molex is not very descriptive. in all the cases i used molex, sub in "4 pin"
  2. Yes, you can plug them all together. Fans typically don't take much power. Maybe a couple of watts for each normal fan vs. 10 watts or so for one hard drive.

    I did the same thing with 4 fans in my case, plugged all the adapters together and plugged into one connector from the power supply. The whole mess hides out of sight behind the hard drive cage.
  3. i should have stated that I have 4 120 mm and 1 200 mm. still be fine? also, dont you have to plug something into the back side of the 4 pin fan connector?
  4. I don't know for sure(disclaimer), but Wiki says 11 A/pin is the current limit. Does that mean you can run 44A @12V through a Molex? If so, or even if it's 11A@12v for the whole connector, then 5 case fans won't be a problem.

    Edit: You certainly don't have to plug anything into the extension on the Molex.
  5. you were right cuecue, you indeed dont have to plug anything into the back of the fan molex conector for it to work. I dont know why, but the past 2 times ive tried it, it didnt work. apparently i was doing somehting wrong, cause its working this time around. but damn, removing all those sata to molex adapters and gpu 6 pin to molex connectors, along with wiser cable management, cleared up so much clutter in my case. thx for the input guys.
  6. Chaining fans directly from a good PSU shouldn't be a problem. Just be sure to never do that with a mobo fan connection. Even if by some miracle you could run all those fans off of a single mobo connection, the fan start-up load would probably fry the board.
  7. @ thrakazog: yea, i dispersed the 5 molex fan connector over 3 molex plugs just to be safe
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