New Build Won't Boot

I posted this elsewhere and have had no response. I'm hoping that the response here will be more helpful.

I'm a first-time builder having some issues with my first from-scratch build. My specs:

Asrock H61M-vs motherboard
Corsair CX430 PSU
Pentium G840 Processor
GTX 460
4 GB crucial ram

My problem: When I first set up my system, I was not aware that I needed to connect the 4-pin CPU power supply, and I started my system without it. Naturally, I had no signal to my monitor, but all of the fans (CPU heat sink and case fan) ran without issue. When I read the troubleshooting thread (here -, I realized that I had not connected the 4-pin power supply for the cpu. After doing so, all of my fans stopped turning when I powered on the PC. When I unplug the 4-pin and restart, the fans resume turning.

I have the system speaker powered and have never heard any beeps at any time.

I have tried every permutation imaginable: 2 sticks of RAM, each stick in each slot, no RAM, I've removed the GPU and tried each permutation again, unplugged the optical and hard drives, everything I can think of. Nothing has changed: I can't boot at all, and when I plug the PSU into the 4-pin CPU power supply, the fans stop functioning.

Everything that I've read indicates this is likely a hardware problem with the PSU or motherboard, but I wanted second opinions before I started shelling out more cash for parts. Thanks for your feedback.
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  1. As a cautionary tale to anyone who may have had the same problem that I was having just a couple of minutes ago, the 8-pin power supply cable on this psu splits into twin 4-pin cables that each have a "hook" at the top. This "hook" (I apologize for not knowing the proper nomenclature) must be properly aligned with a corresponding divot in the motherboard.

    As it turns out, my 4-pin power supply was inverted--it should have been facing down, when it was in fact facing up. I tried turning it 180 degrees, and--voila--the fans started spinning and the BIOS screen appeared.

    After eight hours of cursing God and man, I am feeling a bit better. God bless any neophyte who goes through what I just experienced.
  2. Thanks for updating us, I have created some posts in your other thread, but i'm glad you have solved the problem.
  3. Vogon79 has solved the problem by discovering that his power connector was plugged in upside down. This confusion was a result of only needing 4 pins on his 8 pin connector.
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