Is a 4 core Hyper threaded CPU better then a 6 core?

Basically i'm wondering what CPU I should buy if I want to run A LOT of programs at once.

i7-2600k? Which is a 4 core but it has hyperthreading


AMD PHenome x6 1100T which is just 6 physical cores.

Which CPU do you think could run more applications at once?
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  1. The i7 is generally the superior one, specially gaming-wise, though in some cases the phenom would outperform it, though not by much,(server).

    You also have to consider the big price difference, I think the 1100t would be a better value for what you're looking for, in applications that can't take advantage of more than 4 cores though the i7 would be faster.

    I'd just get a 990fx AM3+ mobo and one of the cheaper phenoms which will serve well, then when bulldozer comes out you can upgrade it easily. Intel will most likely change sockets in 2012 anyway.

    Also I highly recommend an SSD, it'll make everything open much faster and improve your multitasking alot, you may find a good SSD + phenomx4 is all you need for now.
  2. most applications are not coded for 6 core cpus, not even 4 core cpus.....all you really need for now is a dual core....4 cores is for future proof....until software companies start coding for 4+ cores it's not worth the price....
  3. ^ehm, I am not even going to argue such erroneous ignorant comment with you sir, I'l just ignore that you said that.

    OP you WILL want 4 cores or more for multitasking.
  4. If it's REALLY not worth the cost, then why do you have such unnecessary, overpriced i7?, if all you can use are 2 cores :ange:

    "if you really want low temps just get a 3x120mm H2O rad and a nice cpu block and those temps will not go over 480sli and i7 2.66@3.8 never go over 55 under full load"

    I get this impression that you are trolling... :sarcastic:
  5. Lolz... Coded for 2 cores? yea right!
    the OP wants to multi-task, so the more programs he runs, the more cores get stressed!
    for example, take the case of a video converter(Xilisoft), when converting a single cip only 2 cores are stressed, but when you convert 2 clips together, all 4 cores get stressed. (You can watch it in task manager/within Xilisoft itself)

    Basically, Video/Audio rendering and Games will take advantage of 4 cores. However 6 cores or an i7-2600 is realy an overkill unless u do loads of video/audio editing and rendering... or u use programs that will make use of 6 or more cores!
    I am using an i3-2100 dual core hyper threaded to 4 cores..and got to say even 4 virtual cores(2 real + 2 virtual) Rawk... :D
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