Best GPU for Pentium E 5700

I´ve a Pentium E 5700, with an ATI 4770 and 4Gbs of Ram, I was thinking in buying another gpu, which would be the fastest gpu that I could use without having bottlenecking issues?

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  1. HD 5770 if the power supply is reasonable
    GTX 460 is also a good option
    the Asus 768mb GTX 460 OCd with DirectCU cooling for about $140 after
    mail in rebate is fantastic deal on Newegg if they are available to you
  2. I'd say a GTX 460 or Radeon 5770 depending on your resolution. Even so you may want to consider overclocking your CPU.
  3. My psu is a Silverstone Strider Essential 500 W.
    What about a 5830??.
    Maybe I should wait because there isn´t a big difference between a 4770 and a 5770....
  4. 6850 is the best choice if you are going to overclock the CPU, I would think you would.
  5. I think any card above a 5770 and you will start to bottleneck it like crazy.

    What resoultion do you have?

    The 6790 is coming out this week i suggest waiting until then as prices for the older 5xxx series cards will decrease in price.Also maybe the GTX460 too.It's supposed to cut right in between the 5770 and the 6870.
  6. Thanks¡¡
    Maybe I will wait till the ATi 7000 series in 28 nm....
  7. What resolution is your monitor and is the E5700 OCed or does your motherboard allow for such?
  8. The mobo is from a prebuild, so I don´t think it would allow much OC.
    My current resolution is 1280 x1024, but my new monitor will be 1680 x 1050.
  9. For your current resolution your current processor and card are a nice match. The HD4770 should still do fairly well at 1680x1050 but The HD5770 would be a nice choice or the HD5830 you mentioned if you are still spotting a good deal. The HD5770 is about 35% faster than the HD4770 at 1680x1050, the HD5830 is about 55% faster. It will be bottlenecked by your processor but this HD5850 for $140 is a steal and would serve you well if you go for a 1080p monitor instead or ever upgrade your processor;
    It's a lil over twice as fast as your HD4770.
  10. even for 1680x1050 i wouldnt go less than a gtx460 or 6850/5850. but that's because i like to have AA set to at least 4x and still get good fps. you absolutely MUST upgrade or overclock your CPU or you may not see much performance increase at all though.
  11. at a higher res a C2D 3.0 wouldnt be a huge bottleneck
    but the 800 fsb is hurting it

    OP can your board support 1066?
    if it is oem (dell/hp/etc) what is model number?
  12. If you can not overclock at all, you need a 5670... 800 FSB is not hurting ......
  13. spentshells said:
    If you can not overclock at all, you need a 5670... 800 FSB is not hurting ......
    He already has an HD4770 which is faster than the HD5670.
  14. Yeah I guess you are right there, I deff misread this.
  15. Asus GTX 460 768mb DirectCU on Newegg
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