Fast Internet extremely slow at night?

Hi everyone, I have this problem of connection....My connection is at full security so no one hacks me..The problem is between like 6:00AM till 7:00PM my average download is 900kbps and when the night arrives my download cant even get faster than 30kbps this is really annoying i m using a 2WIRE not a cable modem.(Canada,Montreal)
This happens all the time. Restarting the modem or the computer wont affect anything.I have a laptop on the wireless but no one uses it.

Thanks for helping.
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    Apart from being confused by your assurance that you are using a 2WIRE (whatever that is, bearing in mind this is an international forum) and the detail that the laptop on wireless is not being used -- all is crystal clear !

    It is quite likely that the slowdown is due to a peak in usage by people on the same loop of the phone network in your neighbourhood -- perhaps people coming home and checking their e-mail.
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